Newbie News!

To my beautiful people who have found themselves just stumped with make-up application/techniques….these beginner level posts are just for you!

  • Blending: Practice, practice, practice! And stay motivated!
  • Blush Brushes: Wait…there’s a certain kind of brush for blushes?
  • Mascara 101: Learn how to apply mascara for your specific lashes! And this video is for everyone. Especially for the ladies with jacked up lashes like myself. HA!
  • Konad Nail Art: Want to jazz up your nails without spending a crap load of money getting them done at the salon? Try konading!
  • Workplace Look: You’ll be so fly that NOW you’ll give your co-workers are reason to talk about you. Hahaaaa!
  • Jalaea



    i love categories like this on blogs. makes me sad though i didn't read these before i became a beauty beginner. i probably would've saved a lot of money!

  • LOVE YOUR BLOG! I’m just starting out and I’d love to have some input if you’d follow! :)

    • Brittany

      I’m following ya. 😉