Lengthening Mascaras

So it’s length you desire, uh? Are you looking for lashes that can touch the ceiling? Nah….that may be a little scary. Lashes that touch your brows should be enough. :-) These mascaras may be just what you need!

Belvada mascara

  • Alaila

    Have you heard of the new Rimmel London Lash Accelerator mascara? Do you think you could review it for us?

    • Brittany

      Nooo, I haven’t seen that one yet. But of course…when I find it, I will definitely be reviewing. :)

  • Marisa

    You have to try Lancome L’Extreme. I have very thing eye lashes and this did WONDERS! Major length. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  • emily

    LASH STILLETO is the BEST mascara i have EVER tried I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Grace

    Have you tried the japanese brand Dolly Winks Long mascara? its supposed to be really good, on the same level as imju fiberwig!

    • Brittany

      Nooo, I haven’t tried it. Is it in the states?