Worst Mascaras

Well, let’s face it….some mascaras just suck. Feel free to disagree. What’s the worst mascara you’ve ever tried? Tell me in the comments!



  • Juicii12

    Mac zoom lash…hate it!

  • Anonymous

    revlon 3d something or other and the original loreal telescopic i thought they were both terrible

  • Sierra

    Ever try Stila mascara? Ugh, Sephora had it in their "best mascaras" box at the store, so I spend $20 on a tube of it… horrible purchase. It's still sitting in the bottom of my eye makeup bag.

  • Mimi

    UD Fatty Mascara was the worst. It was very dry and the smell was god awful ( I have a weird obsession with sniffing mascara before i by it).

  • Thee worst mascara, the most buns mascara of all time would have to be the L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara. It did absolutely nothing. I bought it and returned it within an hour. It didn’t glitter or extend a damn thing.

  • Rere

    That wet and wild one is the worst. I wished I read this before I purchased. I have to use my gold mascara as a primer then put that one on.

  • Lucriiiciaa

    i’d like to add to that list any Sephora, Sephora brand mascara :(

  • Naima

    I absolutely hate Rimmel London’s Glam ‘Eyes Day to Night mascara. Its suppose to be a dupe or MAC’s Haute and Naughty Lash mascara. Epic failure! The formula is too heavy for thin lashes that need volume and the wand is too hard to work with. I don’t have a problem with big wands (I figured if I can work with a sorry wand like Covergirl’s lash blast–I can take any size wand) but there are weird gaps in the wand that doesn’t make this a very good volume mascara. The volume end leaves too much mascara on the wand, causing clumps, and the lengthening wand doesn’t have enough to even attempt to make my thin, almost invisible lashes appear. Horrible. It was $5 but I still feel like I could of bought another tube of Maybelline’s Falsies or L’Oreal Voluminous.

  • Nikki

    my mom got a pack of 2 and gave me one and i was like wtf is this clumpy hot mess

  • Karin

    Laura Gellar mascaras are awful!!! The brush is kind of a weird spaced spiral, the product is too wet and makes your lashes stick together and look gummy. ick!

  • Izzy

    If you want to talk about a hot mess mascara, let me introduce you to Napoleon Perdis: Long Black Mascara in Double Black. The formula is just way too sticky and messy for my long lashes; After one hour of it being applied it was still sticky, you would think my lashes would dry and stay in place by that time. Not to mention it gave me no lengthening what so ever! SMH…

  • jessie

    nyc sky rise lenthining mascara its soooo clumpy and decusting (im a bad speller sorry)

  • Wynter

    My GOD, Revlon Double Twist? I bought it, and I have really, awfully long natural lashes, almost past my eyebrows. I applied this, and within 15 MINUTES, it flaked off horribly under my eyes, and looked like had black, crumbly lids. Not a little bit either, ALL of it. I can’t believe that was allowed in stores.

  • I bought Armani Eyes to kill mascara, and I am totally bummed about it.
    It just made my lashes stick together and look slightly clumped.
    I was looking for length and volume and its not what I got, and for the price Im bummed!