Bangin Resume & Brows (pics)

I have never seen my eyebrows look so good! Correction…..eyeBROW. I only perfected one. The other came out okay, but not as good as the first one. I’m somewhat proud of myself. And of course, I don’t have a “GOOD” quality pic to show of it (damn, I need to invest in another digital camera) but I have somethin’….

I’m not sure if you can really tell, but this is the BEST arch I have everrrr done. And I filled them in. I’m so proud of myself. I’m getting better. Nowhere near these MAC artists or—-well, you know what. Imma stop comparing myself to other folx. I’m doin’ the best I can. And you gotta start somewhere. So hey… steps. Baby steps.

Yesterday I did a look that I called Bangin’ Resume. I had 2 meetings yesterday and was wearing a blue dress shirt, but didn’t want to do blue eyes. Nor did I want to do Doxical or some other boring neutral look. I wanted something nice—with some spice.

So along came—Bangin’ Resume which is nice enough to wear to work with an added kick. Of course the quality of this one isn’t the best either, but I’m sure you get the gist:

Of course you have to enlarge to get a better view. Not bad, eh? The colors used were:

Mythology on 3/4 of lid
Coppering on 1/4 of lid
Trax everywhere else

It came out pretty nice. I got a lot of compliments. My skin is slowly getting better. Day 5 of my fast and I’m energized and feelin’ great. I’m wearin’ a C-Shock look that I’m not gonna post pics of b/c I don’t feel too proud. My blending isn’t THAT good. People say they like it but ehhh…..I could have done better. I need a blending brush man. :( I really do.

Peace and Cream Color Base

  • SereneBeauty

    Simply beautiful! A great look, for sure! Now you know I am gonna have to jack ya swagger now, right?!