Genie…I need 3 wishes.

June 11, 2007

I purchased 2 things from my wish list. And applied them…how’s it look? I called this look


I’ve discovered that to get long lasting color on your eyes and to make the color look and STAY vibrant, it is important to use a primer….Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is the BEST.

And MAC’s Fluidline is better than regular liquid eyeliner. It’s a gel.

I think I’m done purchasing for awhile…I’m continuing to do research but I will stay AWAY from MAC and Sephora for as long as I can help it. I’ve got all of the essentials for eyes….good primer, colors, mascara, liquid liners and pigment. What else do I need?

…..okay, dumb question. I NEED A LOT….nooo, not true. I WANT a lot. But I’ll continue doing my research and creating designs. No more impulsive make-up shopping.
  • MsJamie

    Yea I love fluidline especially with the 212 flat definer brush because the brush makes the blacktrack colour look really black and when you use a dabbing motion on the eye, it gives a real clean look! Also, the brush stays stiffer a hell lot longer than any of the other brushes my Mac to apply eyeliner