How it alll began…..

June 6, 2007
…pretty obsessed with eye make-up. And I don’t exactly know how this came about. I used to be anti make-up. My younger sisters taught me how to put on eye liner and mascara. And I JUST recently bought my first foundation.

At the age of 22. And I never felt like I NEEDED to wear make make-up. I always felt pretty and have good skin….but I have become so engaged in eye make-up designing. MAC, the company is the vanguard, in the make-up world. I go in the stores and loose my mind over the colors, brushes and designs.

I, too….want to create beautiful combinations and have eyes that pop out. From everyday combos to crazy and eccentric sets, I want to master the art of eye make-up.
The end.


This picture is defintely motivation. And it’s pretty ugly, I must admit! It was taken in October 2006 when I FIRST got the itch to work on eye make-up. Ugghhh, terrible. But hopefully but this upcoming October, I can look at this and laugh!