My findings….

June 8, 2007

So I’ve learned 3 very important things in my attempt to perfect eye make-up designing.

(1) Know what you want when you go in a store. Don’t just go in there, look around and buy something out of impulse. I tend to do that a lot when I shop at MAC. Not a good idea.

(2) Don’t be afraid to be bold. Today when I put on MAC’s electric eel, I was a bit worried that it would stand out too much…But you can’t be worried about what people think. What I like about eye make-up designing is that you can be extremely bold with the eyes without going overboard. I don’t even think there’s a such thing as “going over board” on your eyes. Of course it’s not professional EVERYWHERE….but 9 times out of 10, good eye make-up is appropriate no matter where you are.

(3) Don’t be exclusive to just ONE brand of shadows, liquids and pencils. My Mom is like this. She’ll only wear Iman. You have to open up to the great world of companies and brands. And thinking that the expensive stuff is the BEST stuff is a fallacy too. I’ve come to that realization myself. While I do think that MAC is the BEST for eyes, I’m aware that there are other great brands out there—-for better prices too.