Parrot (rainbow) Eyes-attempt #2


I think I’m doing better with my parrot/rainbow eyes….I’ve posted my pics on to get some feedback from some of the users, and everyone seems to have liked what I did. I got some advice to use Blacktrak Fluidline instead of Blitz & Glitz, and I concur with that. It’ll give me a BOLDER look.

Ohhh, I’m soooo happy and proud of myself. I’m learning, I’m learning… blending is gettin’ better too.

Here are some pics:

I don’t too much know about this one, but some folx are saying that they like how the eyeliner goes alllll the way out like that. Hmm, I don’t know. And pleaaase don’t even LOOK at my eyebrows. In fact, let’s move on—next pic! LOL

This is the same thing with my eyes open. Not bad, not bad, uh? Oh yeah—click ON the pics for a better view.

You know, because I can be crazy a times….

From the car to the shuttle…..lookin’ to the side.

Aaaaand, my close-up. Not bad!!!

And, of course….every look that I post I have to provide the products:

MAC’s Trax, Vex, Amberlights, Swimming, Electric Eel and Blitz & Glitz Fluidline

Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeshadow

And Loreal HIP’s Purple “whatever it’s called”.

Thaaat’s iiiiiit!!

  • Loves in need of Love…

    Hey girl!! I really like the parrot eyes, and love the rock and roll picture!! I’m so glad that you’ve found something that you love and you are keeping a journal about it. I’ll be pocking my head in very often. Let me know when you have updates.

  • B

    Muahhh!! Love you, sis! Thanks for the support. This will be geting updated pretty often.