Photo-less Thoughts

No pics today….although my eyes look absolutely beautiful (if I must say so myself…LOL).

I’m wearin‘ a turquoise shirt and so I’ve got on 3 colors….Big T, _____ and Vex. I really can’t remember the other color. Oh wait, Shimmermoss, maybe? Yeah…I think I have Shimmermoss and NOT Big T.

Hell, I don’t know. LOL….they look pretty good nonetheless.

I purchased 3 more colors…..went to the Ellenton outlet and was semi-impressed. Not much, but enough. I looked at my collection and realized that I have waaaay too many blues/teals. I have at least 5. That’s enough. I want more wines/reds/pinks and definitely some CRAZY colors. So I’m thinkin‘….

Eyepopping (thanks to ZDazzle!)
Fab & Flashy (I have Orange, but I’m returning it….)
Chrome Yellow
Black Tied (Always wanted a Black e/s)

….some more purples. I have Nocturnelle and LOVE it, but I want at least 2 more. ZDazzle, what do you suggest? I saw yo Color Purple pics!
…….and then I want some nice golds/neutral colors.

I’m so not sticking to my make-up wish list that I made for myself. Oh well….

Did swatches of colors on my Gentil shadestick and they came out lovely. What a great shadestick!! I would rather not invest money on tons of shadesticks b/c mine seems to work well with the colors I have now…..and UPDD does not ever fail me.

Ummm, what else? So I figured out another way to maximize my collection without going bankrupt: Buy used products. Well, used shadows, at least. Some folx sell their brand new/gently used items on Specktra for cheaper prices. That’s right up my alley.

I’m fasting for the next 10 days and I’m hoping that it will clear up my skin. It honestly has NEVER looked this bad. I don’t know what’s goin‘ on. I’m getting dark spots out of no where and such unevenness. I’m drinking as much water as I can and have high hopes that this detox/fast will help me in the skin department.

Tis all.

Peace and Fluidlines.

  • Cocoa BelaFonte

    you blog is an absolute scream and I have been following it quite religiously! I think you have definite talent and you’re gonna end up so totally amazing. Your colour placement works really well. And I know how cameras just do not do the MU on our skintone justice [im a chocolate sister too] So don’t worry yourself I know it looks WAAAAAY better in life. Keep going.

    As for your skin, you might wanna consider changing your skincare. I find that sometimes it helps to switch over to somthing new cause my skin gets “used to it” [havent a clue if that is scientific at all but who cares its worked for me!] and yes water helps loads!im sure it’ll turn out ok in the end anyway!

    So far, you’re doing so so well. And keep up the pics… you’re very pretty!


  • B

    Thaaanks for reading!!! I appreciate the comments. In fact, I NEED them. So don’t stop! LOL.

    I think you’ve brough up a great point. Maybe I should consider switching up the skincare. I have been using the same products for awhile. Hmmm….gues I need to go do some research.

    Thanks, D!!! Peace and see ya’roun!

  • zdazzle

    LOL..look at you just building your collection bit by bit. I really hope you like that Eyepopping as much as I do. I just recently got Chrome Yellow and I’m still trying to figure out how I can make this color work on my skin tone…plus it’s a bit chalky (so…practice, practice, practice for me, let me know if you come up with any good tricks).

    Purples are a great color. I own the Entremauve pigment (sample) from MAC (samples are they way to go with pigments, you will never use the entire jar in your lifetime…I just recently ordered about 5 from someone off Specktra so I will let you know how they turn out.) Anywho…yeah the purples…I don’t own any of the purple eyeshadows from MAC, but I do have their Royal Hue shadestick and I have a duo purple set from Too Faced (it looks kinda blue in the pot, but it’s an amazing bright purple…I forget the name though, but you get two colors for one price.) Too Faced is another great brand. They are a bit more expensive than MAC, but not that much and they have some great colors.

    Can’t wait to see some photos with your new colors. And yes, after this haul with my pigments, I’m going on a fast too (LOL)