Practicing-attempt 1 (pics)

Sooo, I find myself thinking about make-up A LOT. I’m so excited. I wish I had $300 just to spend on items that I want so I could really do the things I want to do. I only have limited colors and that….well, that sucks. I only have 10 MAC colors. Can’t do much with 10 and I have Isa Dora, Revlon, Loreal HIP and Milani shadows and the only ones that come CLOSE to MAC’s performance is Milani.

Everyone else is terrible…..well, the ones listed above.

So I played around yesterday and came up with TWO hot designs called Parisian Dream and Too Fast. I love them!!

Here goes…..

Look @ Too Fast!

I absolutely love this combo. I probably should not have taken Electric Eel all the way over. I should have done half and half. But I’m lovin‘ the look!!

Yaaaay, I love this!!! Gotta perfect it, but I think the blending looks good and I’m absolutely in love with the colors. I wish that instead of Trax that I had MAC’s Parfait Amour. I hear that’s the BEST purple ever and has a great consistency.

Here’s what I used: Electric Eel/Trax on lid—–Swimming on Crease—–Vex on eyebrow—–Amberlights on eyeliner. HOOTTTT!

Now introducing….

Parisian Dream!

Hi lovely look. I’m likin‘ this one too…..

I really hope you’re clicking on the actual picture to view because it looks 10x better. The thumbnails don’t give the pics much justice. Yaaay!! Lovin‘ it!

I used: Tilt/Swimming on lid—–Amberlights on crease—–Vex on brow—–Tilt/Swimming on eyeliner. Check me out with both looks.

…..Couture, right? LOL….and check this OUT…

Me and Barbie are rockin’ fros….now ain’t THAT fly?

  • yummy411

    i had no idea that trax was that purple. i always thought it was a dark purple-ish color. it’s so cool that you aren’t afraid of color, and trying different placements, etc…. you are doing great, but i’ll give you a few more months.. you are going to be the bomb!

  • Ladybug

    I really like both looks, but Parisian Dream is particularly cool! Great job!

  • zdazzle

    Wow…you are really getting good. I am soooo glad you came up with this makeup blog. Now I can just refer to this when I want to do a new look. Thanks for the makeup inspiration. Keep ’em commin.