Redssss (pics)

Greetings beautiful people!

So I went to MAC on Monday and remember how I was supposed to return Ricepaper and Orange? Ummm, I so didn’t. I instead exchanged them for Mythology and Eyepopping. I loooove both! I didn’t have the chance to play around with Eyepopping yet, but I’m in love with it. Why wasn’t I before, ZDazzle?

Hmmm, well, I’m on Day 3 of my fast and it has been the biggest challenge of my life. Seriously. Try not eating for 10 days in attempts to take better control of your eating habits and lifestyle. IT has been life-changing and I am considering a vegetarian diet (which I’ve done before and failed) after this cleanse. And I know it’s doing wonders for my skin, which I’ve mentioned before is going haywire.

I purchased 2 colors via Specktra—-Black Tied and Cranberry. Chick only charged me $12, so I hope they are in decent condition.

I’m getting my eyebrows threading today or tomorrow and will have a defined arch that will help me play with my brow structuring better. Yessss!

I tried a look today. The quality is terrible, but I think you get the idea:

The colors here are:
Mythology (lid)
Coppering (crease)
Vex (brow)
I’m in shock that I haven’t had food in 3 whole days!!!
…..nothing spectacular. I didn’t pack it on too much because I already have a red shirt, red flower and red earrings on and didn’t want to overdo it. No name for this one. Don’t plan on re-creating it…just something to do. And I defintely plan on purchasing some NARS or Urban Decay reds. I really like theirs.

I’m still not wearing any StudioFix and probably won’t until after my fast. Give my skin a chance to breathe, replenish and rejuvenate.

Taking your advice ZDazzle and going to invest in some pigments. Sample ones, fa sho. I don’t really know how to work with them, so Imma need to have a make-up artist show me how to do that.

And another question…is there a difference in size between regular pans and pro pans? How do you know what you have? Hmm….

Out for now. I’m going to play around with some C-Shock tomorrow for my friend’s Passion Party. So hopefully I’ll have pics for that.

Peace and Kohl Pencils.

  • Ladybug

    I bought Vex because of you and I absolutely love it!

  • B

    Awwww!! I hope you love it as much as I do. It’s such a versatile color. I enjoy it!

  • yummy411

    i love the last pic.. so much fun and so pretty!

    do you like a lot of colors like vex? with that pink duochrome? well check out my other favs… motif (the hotness), claire de lune from moonbathe, and rite of spring from the danse collection. it’s still up on mac’s site. each one has a different hue. i think rite of spring has a pale yellow to it, clair de lune.. pale pink/white…. girl just check them out… last on to buy on my list is the rite of spring!