Arabian Lights AGAIN!

Hi pretty faces.

I know Specktra’s new look is all pretty, but I’m not feeling it for some reason. The navigation is all jacked up to me. Ah well…

I played with pigments this morning. Melon and Maroon, to be exact. I don’t know what it is about me, but I love looks that have half and half of gold/burgundy. I have a look called Arabian Lights and I mistakingly ALWAYS mimic it. Helllllloooo, can I be more creative?

How good can a make-up blog be WITHOUT a decent camera? LOL, one day I’ll upgrade, yall. I promise.

Not a very clear picture….but my eyebrows don’t look too bad, uh? I’m learning, yall….I’m learning!

Ahhh yes. The “innocent” look. I’m going to head home and play around with some more pigments, colors and work on my brush usage because I still don’t know how to work with them THAT well. Oh, and another thing—I’ve got 2 empty slots in my MAC 15-palette. Drop me 2 must have colors and I’ll run out today and get them.


  • rayne

    what about sushi flower and club?

  • Shay

    Your pictures are so pretty, Brit. I especially like the last one. Your skin looks really good!

    I read some of your last posts about how Studio Fix was messing you up and it indeed as done the same thing to me. Try Studio Tech. It’s worked better for me. But I see you’re going with the no foundation thing for now, so go with what works best for your pretty face.

    Check out Woodwinked and Naked Lunch. 2 great colors. Naked lunch is a great highligher.

  • zdazzle

    Looking great ma’am! You are becoming so talented with makeup.

    I agree with Shay, I LOVE Naked Lunch…this is the highlighter I use most often. I’m not really sure what you have already, but some of my favs are: Naked Lunch (as I stated), Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Cranberry, Beauty Marked, & Humid. I LOVE Tan & Vanilla pigment. I have also been using a lot of Milani Java Bean lately too, it’s the perfect brown.

    I’m excited about the In 3D Collection coming out. I really don’t buy lip products from MAC that often, but I have heard really great things about this line. Let’s hope it lives up to all of the hype.

  • yummy411

    i’m on mattes and neutrals right now with hints of color. playing with them to see what kind of bold, but clean look i can come up with…. however, try paradisco (taking on that sushi flower, melon, expensive pink range)and saddle.. a good brown to have in the collection (used in many MAC looks) don’t be afraid of loreal HIP colors either =)

  • Divine Blackness

    Thanks yall for your suggestions.
    I should have got up on Woodwinked and Naked Lunch a loooong time ago. I keep hearing about how great those colors are for us dark-skinned lady.

    I have Club, however and just don’t know how to use it.

    Ohhhh, ZDazzle….I got Cranberry and am in love with Vanilla pigment. I gave my sample to my Mom so I’m purchasing some more ASAP.

    And I sho can’t wait for the 3D stuffs either. You and I both aren’t big on MAC lippies, but we’ll see if the hype is worth it. Comin’ to see yall this weekend for my BFF’s graduation but then after that…MAC PRO!!!!

    Yummy, I do not sleep on Loreal HIP. I love their colors. I just recently gave away 5 duos though b/c I got game to MAC. Not a good idea. Thanks so much for your suggestions. You are the best!