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It’s comedy hour here at Clumps of Mascara. Click on the pic below for some laughs.

I can laugh at this terrible look now ONLY because I know better. But in October 2006, you could not have told me that I didn’t know ’bout blending. But boooooy, if only I knew then what I know now.

I’ve come across a great reference/resource for blending. I just recently got back on MySpace (I deactivated my account 3-4 months ago when it got hacked into. So sad) and found a sista who does some bomb ass blending! I mean, her skills are impeccable….please check her work.

Her designs blew me away. She spotlights her products, techniques and tools. And what I’m amazed to find out is that she uses Sonia Kashuk brushes!! Whaaaat?! With blending this good, I’m thinking she’s goin’ bankrupt purchasing expensive brushes. But nope….good ole’ Sonia again has saved the day.

She also touched on the fact that practice, practice, practice is crucial when it comes to blending. I have to keep remembering that. Sometimes I get discouraged when my looks don’t look as good as I want them to but practicing is very important.

Anyone else got any tips, suggestions or anything to add on the topic of blending? Perfecting blending, to me, is so very important. It’s the difference between make-up application and make-up ART.

Blend on my sistas….

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  1. reno says:

    lol u need help. comedy hour! blending is hard. i still cant figure out how to do it. chick’s myspace is on point though. u should make an appt w/ her when you get here. congrats on your position offer. shay told me.

  2. Pink-satin says:

    tanx for stopping by mine!i am such a make-up fan too!

  3. yummy411 says:

    b… that’s how i got into makeup so hard. i got stood up by an MA whose work i admired… i got so fed up with trying to pry info out of them, that was the last straw though. i said to myself that i would just practice on myself until my stuff looked like theirs. i think i’m coming along okay lol….

    one thing about blending that you may have mastered, but I know it took me a second to realize… don’t laugh okay? but i bought the 217.. the white bristled brush. i would place color in my crease and then go over the color with the 217 and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why it acted like more of an eraser than actually blending the color out… ummmm i needed to dip the 217 in the color a bit… wind shield wiper motion blending to me has worked the best. lol girl i was worried about keeping my bristles white and it never occured to me to actually dip the brush in the color…. start in your crease, but gradually go up a centimeter or two blending out the color, meeting your brow highlight or you know.. just don’t take the crease color to the brow… lol hth!

  4. Divine Blackness says:

    Reno: Thanks boo. I’m excited about it. I got my official resident address in LA today. Woop!

    pink-satin: You’re on my list so I’ll be by on a regular. Thanks for showin’ love!

    Yummy: Nooooo!!! I used to do the same thing!!! I’m not lyin’! I literally would swipe my brush over the 2 colors and be mad as hell when I was left with an almost bare-lid!!! LOL, the silly things we do.

    Thanks so much for your tips. I visually saw the windshield wiper motion and am running home to go practice that now. I’ll post results soon! Ahhh, you’re the best!! Don’t let me do grad school @ Howard. Will I really be able to focus with you in the same city? LOL!

  5. SI @ says:

    the pic isn’t clickable here :( I need to make sure I’m not walking around mistaken too.

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