Dark Grapes

I don’t know how I’m doing so many updates. Things have been slow at my job, so I’ve had the time. I created a new look yesterday called Dark Grapes. It was all in good fun. Check it out:

Okay, so here it is with opened eyes.

Closed eyes….

Okayyy, I hope you’re ready for what’s next to come because it is a bit shocking!

Craziness, riiiight? But I like it! I really do. I was initially just doing the eyes, but I was like, “What the hell…” and dabbed some Grape pigment on the lips for fun.

But I have to admit….I like it. I was bored last night while packing up my apartment and started playing around. Damn shame that I have to get in the car to take pics with my cell phone. LOL, I know I’m a mess.

But I do believe this is an interesting look. I didn’t go anywhere with it on….the Purple lips is a bit too much for. The eyes—perhaps, but the lips. Ummm, I ain’t THAT bold.

I used:
UDPP (my BFF!)

Milani Shock
MAC Nocturnelle
MAC Grape pigment
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Trax
MAC Platinum pigment
MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
MAC Stud brow pencil
Loreal Volumious mascara
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner
Jordana dark brown lip pencil
Burts Bee’s lip balm (or lip chap like Saaphyri says!!!)
MAC Who’s That Lady lip gelee

That’s a helluva lot, uh? I didn’t do any StudioFix and will continue to not wear face make-up for awhile. My skin is looking a lot better and I think it’s because my disuse of StudioFix.

Tis it for now.

  • Reno

    whoah! this is pure craziness brit! lol, you are such a mess. i love that you have the courage and interest in doing crazy looks like this. not afraid to step out side of the box. thats whats up. i don’t even own any purple shadows. im pretty plain jane when it comes to face stuff. but you are inspiring ,me to do something fun every now and then.

  • Stef

    Whaaaat? I actually like this too, Britty Boo. Hell, you know me. I’d wear the lipstick out and about. I don’t care! Keep rocking it and doing you! I did a C-Shock look last weekend that you would love!

  • yummy411

    arrghh! i lost my comment.. recap:
    i like the dark l/s from they strange hybrid collection

    check out desire by MAC. i’m into that too…

    i love the versatility of a pigment.. great look!

  • yummy411

    oh btw.. what has been your skincare regimen? that might make a difference in clearing up your skin too..

  • Divine Blackness

    Reno: Get out the box, chick. You live in LA for goodness sake!

    Stef: You have C-Shock? Don’t leave your Fab&Flashy and Wondergrass around me, bih! Cuz I ain’t got those! LOL, love you…..

    Yummy: I’m still thinkin’ about the look that you posted. The one your sister did for a wedding. Gorgeousness!! Skincare: ummm, I’ve switched it up and have been seeing amazing results. Went from Aveeno/some Avon moisturizer to Aveeno/natural care stuff. Plus I’ve fasted, been drinking more water, am exfoliating more and not using the StudioFix. I think I’m gonna try StudioTech to see how that works. Thanks for your recs. I’m gonna look into that!

  • .m.

    this is a really cute look on you!