Eyebrows-the remix

Soooo, my best friend came to visit me and she really is one of the people who triggered that nerve for me to want to get into “make-up”. Just a few months ago I was this all-natural chick who made her own face care products and never wore more than eyeliner and some gloss.

But now….wooow, this really isn’t “me”. But then again it is, so…

Okay, lemme get back to the topic. LOL, I do that a lot. I could never be a professor. I’d constantly be going off on some tangent. And about myself at that!!

So, my bestest came and she has the BEST eyebrows. She does them herself and they are always so gorgeous. Always been envious of them. But yesterday she did mine for me and they came out soooo nice.

No fair!! Why can’t I do brows like that? She made it look so simple. And all she used was some MAC Eyebrow Pencil, some tweezers and that was it!! She talked me through what she was doing and promised me that I too could do the same thing. Only my eyebrow pencil from Milani wasn’t gettin’ it. So I added the MAC pencil to my list. I finally have an arch. A REAL defined and clean arch. So tried to do the same thing today….

Not half bad, uh? Defintely better than I’ve ever done. An actual arch, I can’t believe it!! I’m still not all that confident in the eyebrow world. I need to spend more time practicing. Oh….here are both eyes.

Hmmm, not too bad. They still don’t look as good as when my bestest did them. But I’m learning, taking notes and getting better.

She also had some concealer that I used to cover up a blemish that I had and it worked perfectly. So I added MAC’s StudioFinish concealer to my list and can’t wait to get some of that tomorrow when I get paid.

Completed my 10 day fast and my skin didn’t improve as much as I wanted it to. So I’m a bit disappointed. Ah well….can’t have it all, now can we?

Peace and Eyebrows, sistas….

  • yummy411

    gorgeous brows!!!! i’m glad your bff was able to help!