Greenvious! (pics)

Hi gorgeous people!

I’ve been wonderful in the make-up department. Just doing as much learning, research and practicing as I can. I can still work on my blending, but it’s getting better since I now I have a blending brush! Yessss!! In fact, I’ve gotten quite a few goodies since I last made an entry. I got:

-Sonia Kashku (however you spell it) brushes….I love them!!
-Black tied….via Specktra sale
-Cranberry….via Specktra sale
-Loreal HIP black gel liner. It’s GREAT! Just as good as MAC’s. And I got it for only $4.99
-Milani’s Antique Gold. Interesting color
-Rimmel teal liquid liner….just for fun and crazy looks
-Milani liquid liner. This is what I used before Fluidlines. I got it again to do a crazy cat eye look.

So I think I’ve done pretty well at fulfilling my make-up wish list which is getting smaller and smaller. I’ve also ordered 9 pigment samples via Specktra. I can’t wait until they arrive!!

Today I’m bustin’ green and decided to do some green eyes. Something I’ve never done…..I used Eyepopping on the inner lid and Swimming on outer lid. And of course Vex everywhere else. Vex and Trax have become my favorite colors of all time because they are subtle, yet you can still seem them. Here’s the look that I call:


Okay….that’s the “in love” look. I’m not, but I’m lusting kinda hard because I had a fabulous date last night, but I digress!! LOL—here’s the thugged out look:

And of course….you’re gonna need some close ups, riiiiight?

Close dem eyes, guuuuuurl…..

And of course you need a full face look even though there’s too much light in this one.

I think I like the green look. I have another one called “Scream Green” but this to me is more fun. Scream Green is defintely an after-dark look. My face is still a HOT mess, ehhh….but whatever. Day 9 of my fast and it has been clearing up but not as much as I’d like it to. I’ll be patient. Still not wearing too much Studio Fix. I’ve only worn it twice in a week and a half.

Also, to those of you who have make-up blogs, please let me know so that I can add you to a list. Some list…..I don’t know how to make this Blogger stuff all pretty. But I’ll figure it out one day. I really enjoy reading some of you all’s things. It is really helping me.

Peace and have a Happy 4th (even though this is THEIR America….lol, sorry, that’s my Radical rant! Got a whole ‘notha blog for that!)

  • Ladybug

    I have a beauty blog, if you’d like to check it out. It can be found at

  • yummy411

    the first pic is the hotness! were you using studio fix fluid or powder?

  • B

    Thanks ladybug. I’ve added you to my references. 😉

    I use StudioFix powder,’s not giving me the BEST coverage so I’m thinking of purchasing some concealer for the few dark spots that I have. Is StudioTech better? Anyone know?

  • Talysha

    Green looks fabulous on you… keep up the good work and best wishes to you.