Creative title there, uh?

Okayyyy, so I guess it’s time for a new post. I’ve had an awesome weekend with great friends! I’m trying to live up my life here in Tampa because I’m moving to LA for AmeriCorps in September and *tear*….I doubt anyone will visit me since it’s so far.

Well, I am happy to announce that I did not purchase any make-up products this weekend! This is considered a good thing because I’m broke! LOL! I’m moving out of my apartment and putting things in storage and funds are realllly very low right now, so I’ve been staying away from Specktra’s For sale forums and…

…oh wait, I did buy some mascara at Target, but guess what? It was on sale! $4.99. Regularly $7.99.

It’s the Loreal Telescopic mascara that my lovely Ms. Riss raved about. I can see why! This is some great stuff! It’s actually better than the Loreal Voluminous. I mean, really….my eyelashes are out of this world! I loved it so much that I didn’t even feel the need to put on any make-up. Just the mascara, some eye liner and my MAC jellybabe. It’s so hotness! Get up on it!

Sooo…in other news, I copped
the MAC Firespot from the Moonbathe line and I’m in love with flippin’ color. It’s insanely beautiful! I tried it on a friend of mine who is NC45 with some Cranberry and Vex and it was fire! HOTTTT!!! Just “Ehhh….” on me. Gotta keep playing around with it. It’s just such a wonderful color for my collection. I’m excited about it. But I’m not too hip on ordering MAC products over the phone or online to be mailed to me. It took entirely TOO long and shipping was too expensive. I’ll only do that if I HAVE to.

Best friend tells me that Ulta is having this crazy cool sale on Urban Decay Primer Potion (buy 2, get 1 free) and some other goodies… I say check it out. I’m so blessed. A Sephora, Ulta, MAC, and Nordstrom’s in the SAME city? All of which I JUST discovered in 3 months? LOL, I’m so spoiled. Oh wait…I’ve found the link. The sale is going on until August 4. Yesss!! I should have at least 2 paychecks by then!

3 random pics of me and then I’m out…..but WAIT….you haven’t lived until you’ve checked out this online boutique. I’m not even lying. Shoes for $9.99? Hot jewelry for $.99? Thanks Black Pearls for showing this one. Great another addiction: online boutiques. Freakin’ A!

Peace and pretty faces!

I so need a better focus. LOL!!

One of my favorite looks: Arabian Lights….so gorgeous!

Chuckin’ the deuces at cha….whatever that means!

  • reno

    that online boutique is whats hot! i’m def ordering some things from there. brittttt…i so miss you, chick! save your money. im proud that ur not goin crazy on buyin stuff like you were 2 weeks ago. that made no sense! lol! what do you think about rushmetal and flashtonic?

  • Divine Blackness

    Reno, I just wanna say that I’m afraid like hell to move to LA. Just want to let you know….the only way I think I’ll be safe is if my husband Ice Cube moves there with me. That whole Crips/Bloods/gangs/no MAC store/no vegetarian stores thing scares me. I’m like literally shaking!

    But in other news….lol, scuse my rant: isn’t that boutique wonderful? Beautiful and amazingly affordable finds. I’m ordering some thing on Friday.

    I’m not too hip to the new MAC lines yet. It wasn’t love at first sight like C-Shock. I’m going to have to go in the stores to actually try them. Look at you. Doin’ ya research and stuff! Knowin’ about upcoming lines….I’m scared of you!

  • RENO-NO!!

    stfu! la is not that bad. well the area you are moving too isn’t exactly bel-air, but you’ll be fine. you were borin in M..I..M..I..M..I…Ay for goodness sake. thats 10x worse that la. i think. don’t know for sure though. just don’t have sex anyone here bc chances are he has a crazed ex g/f, baby momma or current wife. and no one needs that in their life. not that i kno anything about that but i digress! and fuggit that vegetarian stuff, ain’t no healthy nothin is south central boo. and mac? please…they just closed a macy’s. enjoy your obssession now.

    but i dont mean to make my girl feel worst. i ordered from that boutique, soo excited! i like flashtronic but they are way too expensive mayn!

  • Divine Blackness

    I can not STAND you! LOL…why are you up so early?

    Pshhtt chick, I was BORN in Miami. Not raised there. 2 different things. That’s for the tip. Not that I planned to go to LA to get laid, but in case that thought was running rampant in my mind, you’ve certainly convinced me to fuggit about it! Besides, you know only my non-boo not really boyfriend kinda lover only gets my lovin’. LOL, but that’s TMI.

    This is a make-up blog, blih..can’t we discuss these things over text or somethin’? Geez!

  • blackstylecentral

    I agree with reno. that online boutique is fabulous.