Paint, brushes, Flashtronic

Greetings to whoever is reading this randomness of mine.

Life has been relatively good. I went through the hassle of moving everything out of my apartment into storage and it was a pretty terrible experience, but with the help of my ride-or-die best friend and some cute male counterparts, it was done! So I’m grateful for that.
So of course..that Flashtronic/Rushmetal/Novel Twist stuff dropped and everyone is actin’ all crazy about it. I’m not super impressed. I’m really not. I mean the colors from Flashtronic are actually niiiice, but not nice-nice. I didn’t feel the need to buy them ASAP. Maybe I’ll change my mind.
But I did cop some new finds and have some small reviews.

I was on a mission for the longest trying to find a neutral look. Well, after speaking with a great MAC make-up artist, I think I’ve found a nice everyday look. I’ve also learned how to adequately use a blending brush. I won’t tell you how I was using it before….you may laugh.

(1) Neutral look:
I purchased my first paint. The picture you see is not the same color as the one I picked up, so don’t get confused. I purchased Bamboom. It’s a great “neutral” look for my NW45 lids. I’m still working on how to apply it though. The make-up artist said use some number brush, but I’m not droppin’ $30 on no brush no time soon, lol….so I use a concealer brush from Target for $1.99 that uhhh….works very nice.
With Bamboom paint all over the lid, I then apply Sketch (a look that MAC describes as an intense burgundy-plum flecked with red shimmer) on outer lid and crease. I blend with my blending brush and apply Bamboo as my highlighter. I’ve come to discover that while I love Vex, it contributes to the “too much”ness that I loathe at work. Bamboo is a great neutral highlighter. It’s enough without being too much.
The end result? I like it….I tried capturing a pic with the camera phone. Ugh, the lighting is off. But it’s a nice look. Of course, I need to keep practicing to perfect it. Sketch in moderation is a pretty nice color.
(2) Lip stuffs
I almost purchased Flashtronic lipglass but then I realized it’s the same thing….or something simliar to jelly babe, except it has a little more shimmer. And then I realized that spending that much money on lip stuff is a mess. But that’s just my opinion. I splurge on eye stuff, but good and cheap lip chap (lol!!) can be found anywhere!ht

(3) Novel Twist Brush Set

Sooo as I’m sure MAC addicts know, Novel Twist stuffs dropped at Nordstrom’s on the 20th. I checked out the colors but was realllly considering getting the brush set. There are 2. One is a basic set and the other, professional. I talk a lot of trash about spending a ton of money on brushes…buuuut, I may cop the basic brush set. My wonderful Targe Sonia Kash(whatever the name is) brushes and watercolor paint brushes have not failed me yet, but maybe I’m falling into the “cause it’s MAC” mentality. Especially that 224 blending brush. I may get it. The entire set is only $48. A 224 brush alone costs $28! So this really is a deal. Hmmm….should I?
Ohhh, I purchased a 15-color palette. My collection is growing! Still need to perfect certain areas. Still need a steady hand for fluidlines. And still need to keep curling my lashes. They are all over the place. Still not wearing freakin’ StudioFix or anything on my face. The condition of my face is “decent”, but me not wearing foundation is for a personal reason. When I put it on, I feel like I look so….beautiful. But also so fake. Of course, Big T and Romping eye shadow isn’t natural but foundation, for me…..makes me really wish my skin was the way the make-up makes it. Perfect. And I’m on this self-acceptance tip. I don’t have flawless skin and that’s fine. Covering up my flaws everyday, in a sense, denies myself of my true self. Sounds deep, but that’s me.
2 out and about pics and I’m out. Deucesssss.

At my friend’s surprise birthday party. I had on a black shirt, but was bored, so hooked up my eyes up with some Firespot, Cranberry and Vex. The eyelashes are popping thanks to that Loreal Telescopic mascara! Wooooot!

Yesss, I never ever am normal when taking pictures. I can’t just smile and move on. I always have to do something silly. This was at a club and I have over 5 colors goin’ on here. If you look, the shirt that I’m wearing isn’t exactly color-less. So I tried to play up all of the colors from it.

  • zdazzle

    I LOVE this look! You are rocking that firespot girl! I really wish I could get it to work for me; I went back to MAC again to try it on, and it just doesn’t look right on me. Urrggghhh!

    I’m glad you had a chance to check out Flashtronic and Rushmetal; I was kinda disappointed like you. Oh well, I’ll be looking out for the next line.

    I’m going to have to check out that paint you are talking about. I’m also going to check out that long lasting eyeliner that you spoke about in a previous blog. I use the fluidlines, but somedays I just don’t feel like being bothered with all that and I just want to draw a quick line. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Nicole V.

    Britty Boo you look too cute in those shots. You’re a mess. Paint uh? That’s some professional ass stuff ain’t it? Okayyy, I see ya!

    Maya MADE me to into MAC on Friday to check out the new line and she didn’t like it either. She was so upset aabout it. I’m not big on it either. I think some people are FORCING themselves to like it just because its MAC. If you dont like it, you dont like it. MAya ended up going back and getting 2 shadows and 2 pigments. Even after she said how much she didn’t really like it.

    See, a mess! LOL! Stay up on the beautyness, Queen. I feel ya on the foundation tip. Sometimes when you take that shit off you be like, “Damn! Is that me?” Adn you get kinda sad about it. But not wearing it everyday makes you accept the real you. I feel that. Real talk.

  • reno

    look @ my gurl at the club. whaaat! who got you to go out? lol! i got paint too chick! u proud? i like flashtronic. it is a bit bright though but i like 2 of the colors. can’t nothin touch that c shock tho. buy those brushes. if i had the money i damn sure would!

  • yummy411

    hey b,
    so i got the pro brush set cuz i could never depart with 50 some odd dollars just for a 187, but i am sooo loving it! so yes, buy the brush set. i’m going back for the basic. i have the sonia kashuk 224.. it’s a charm, but i’d love to compare it to the “real deal”.

    I wasn’t impressed with flashtronic, but i did get northern lights msf. some darker sistas don’t think it’s for them, but layered with another fav blush/or as a highlight.. it’s love! i plan to possibly get the other two. rushmetal on the other hand…woot! they have some pretty good ones… copperized, mauvement,goldmode, off the radar– beeauuutifull! so those are mine and the brush they are advertising it with, forgot the number.

  • yummy411

    dang i wish they had an edit button versus me posting so many times..

    on the foundation tip… i understand. i don’t wear it everyday, cuz i’m not perfect everyday, and i flat out just don’t have time… though when i do want to spruce up my mug.. i lightly buff on some pressed powder and dust on some shimmer on the cheekbones, mascara, and fill in the brows… throw on some gloss and i’m not covered up… i’m enhancing the beautiful =))

  • Divine Blackness

    Zdazzle: Chiiile, I’m not doin’ fluidlines as much as I used to either. They take forever, right?!

    Nicole: I love you. The end.

    Reno: You’re a mess.

    Yummy: Okayyy, I just may go and get the brush set. You’re right. My Sonia 224 is sooo nice, but if I can get something I sho will.

    Yeahhh, I’m still learning on how to work with the foundation thing. Maybe I’m not doing some things right. You make it sound so easy. I really need a tutor! LOL, oh and that look I have….no name. It was done just for fun.
    ….off to Specktra I go (if I can figure out how to navigate stuff!) to see how sistas have done with Flash/Rush. Thanks sooo much for your comments!