Review & Ish….

My FOTD is blah again. I need some help. Some nice neutral colors….I’m really sad. Someone help me!

Okay….I’ll be aight. Been tryin‘ some new non-MAC things and thought I’d give some quick reviews because I don’t know ’bout yall, but I learn about what’s hot and not from other folx like myself. Thanks Ms. Riss—-I inspire you, you inspire me!

So….top 4 mention-worthy cheap non-MAC steals would be:
(1) Loreal HIP’s gel liner:

Yeah yeahhhh, I know it’s not MAC’s Fluidline. But it’s just AS good. I think I only spent $7.99 on it. I do think it’s more expensive than that, but I got a deal. I got the black (similar to MAC’s Blacktrak) and it was niiice. Put it on with my watercolor brush, nice texture and strong color. I would purchase again. But only if Walgreen’s or CVS have a BOGO sale. If you buy it regular price, you should jus gon and spend 2 mo dollars and get MAC. Ya know?

(2) Milani compacts & quads

Some beauty folx trash talk brands like Milani but no matter how much I love MAC, I will never discredit this brand of products. They are great! The color payoff is incredible and one color compact is…get this, $2.99! Now c’mon….even if you don’t like the color/quality (which, I’m sure you will) you can’t complain too much because it’s only $3. Say whatcho want…..I’m buyinMilani ’til the day I die. Or ’til I can’t afford MAC anymore. Which ever comes first. OH—and their quads. So worth the price.

(3) Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner

[WARNING] I’m ’bout to have a WG Moment. OMG, I like totalllly love this stuff. It’s freakin‘ awesome in every way! [Return to Black vernacular] No seriously, this is my staple eyeliner. It’s thin, you don’t have to sharpen it (I’ve cut my eye on damn eyeliners) and it stays on foreeever. I’ve gone to sleep in this stuff and have arisen to eyes that still look pretty decent. Not raccoon eyes. I love it and plan on writing my prenuptial vows for this eyeliner. Another BOGO product from your local drugstores. Regular price I believe is no more than $6.99. Lasts foreveeeer!

(4) Burt’s Beeswask Lip Balm

Sooo, before I got into this whole make-up thing, I actually wore nothing but natural products that my Mom, the herbalist, made for me. Now, I looove me some Burt’s Bees! With a passion. This stuff not only soothes ya lippies, but the menthol keeps them tingling soft and oh so kissable. Ehhh, can’t remember the price. My Mom tried to duplicate the same product and she did a great job. But please get up on this stuff here!

4 is such a random number, I know, but that’s all that I could think of. Also worth mentioning is Loreal HIP’s Mascara. Ummm, so good. And Ms. Riss, that Loreal Voluminous mascara is pure greatness. I purchased it yesterday and loved it!!

Also heard Milani’s loose powders are pretty decent. Completely threw away my Isa Dora stash…was I the only one really into that drugstore brand? I mean I really reallly loved them. I look back at when I used to be a Beauty Advisor at Walgreens and realize how much I did NOT know. So sad. But then again I worked in a neighborhood where the standards were kind of low. If you know what I mean.

But ahhh welll… to a meeting. Check out my Beauty Marks (to the left!) I’m getting a collection of so many great blogs. If you know any more, lemme know!

Peace and piece of mind.

  • reno

    i adore the milani loose powders. not bad to be so cheap. and yesss burts bees is the ish and you know it! hurry up and come to LA, i dont own any mac stuff and want to get your opinion on what to get first.

  • Divine Blackness

    Babster….I love you and can’t wait ’til we do it up big in LA. Although people telling me that I’m going to get shot isn’t helping ease the apprehension I have, but whateva. I’m a G!! LOL, nooot!!

    Okay, so I’m going to have to get up on the Milani. Thanks for the rec.

    The best way to get up on some opinions of what to wear is by visiting Specktra (especially the Women of Color section) and seeing what other people are wearing. Then go on over to MAC online, check pricing and theeen go test it at the store. If you like what you see, get it. That’s my process of purchasing.

    Specktra…MAC online…MAC store swatch….purchase…happiness!