Pigments and more…



Now let’s rap on pigments for a quick second.

I absolutely love them!!! Their versatility is amazing. I have found so much success is virtually all of the pigments I’ve played around with…

Pigments are sooo much fun and you can use them everywhere! Eyes, lips, face, nail polishes, etc. My top 3 favorite so far are:

1) Vanilla….I love this heavenly color. I’ve used it as a highlighter, dabbed it on my lips and even sprinkled some in my lotion for a summer shimmery look. It’s a amazing.

2) Coco Beach…the BEST crease color I’ve come across so far. It blends amazingly with my knock off 224 brush. An absolute gorgeous color.

3) Melon…I loooove this color. In the jar it looks a bit bright, but when applied on my skin, it is a little more toned down. This on my lid with Coco beach as my crease is such a GREAT neutral color. My Mom, who is NC35 looks amazing with this color too.

:: I’ll post pics soon of my pretty piggie combos.

…..I’m still playing around with some other MAC piggies that I have such as Kelly Green, Cornflower, Fuchsia, Golden Lemon, etc. And of course I have the SAMPLE sizes of pigments. I highly suggest purchasing samples instead of spending a whooping $19.50 on a jar of pigment that you won’t use in a lifetime. A little really goes a looong way.

Where can you get samples?
Once upon a time, I believe Ebay users could sell samples, but that has recently stopped. I found a great seller through Specktra who not only has a great selection of pigments, but has GREAT prices, as well. Shoot Cheryl an email at Cher65@sbcglobal.net and she’ll email you a list of her colors and prices. She’s amazing for business, friendly and her service is fassst. She lives in Cali, I in Florida and I got my pigments in 3 days! Get up on it!

I think I’m more in love with MAC pigments than the eye shadows. I find myself grabbing for a piggie daily now instead of my palette.

Check out my Wish List:
-UPDD Primer Potion (on sale @ Ulta..buy 2, get 1 free. I need to stock up for Cali)
-Naked Lunch
-Novel Twist Basic Brush set
-A brown lip pencil. Probably from Jordana 2/$3. I love this cheap brand!
-Vanilla pigment (don’t have time to order out, so I’ll prolly have to buy the whole thing!)
..that’s it!

Look at the lippie stuffs stash from my purse. Ain’t this sad? Love ’em all too. All under $4. Except that MAC Jellybabe which came in a gift set that I got as a gift. That MAC in 3D has me gettin’ excited so let’s hope it’s worth the hype, ZDazzle. No amazement since C-Shock here!

Guess who is graduating? Me in 10 days? How I’m going to wear my hair is quite the wonder. Someone mentioned a weave or wig. Okay….looks good on some, but I’m not the type to wear styles like that. Plus, I’m kinda big on my natural hair so to hide it on a big day would be such the contradiction to me. Any ideas? I look dead in this pic, but what about a headwrap UNDER the cap? No?

New look!! If I’m not in the mood to go all out on the eyes, I simply do…eyeliner, fluidline and mascara! That’s it. I’m lovin’ it! What’s goin’ on in your make-up world? Any new finds and whatnot?

  • reno-no.

    ok, me siento como el stalker. u just posted this and already im commenting. lol, irony, te promeste!

    don’t shoot me but i’ve never even heard of pigments. what are they exactly? brighter colors? powders? im confused.

    congrats on graduating. i’m mad i won’t be able to make it but you know LA to Tampa ain’t exactly cheap. to make up for it, i’ll get you one of the things on your list. tell me which one you want.

    oh…and the headwrap under the cap sounds gorgeous. especially for someone like you….i mean you are an african studies major, so it kind of goes with the look. lol, i guess. see you soon, love!

  • Divine Blackness

    Okay yess….you are a stalker. I JUST posted this. LOL, I’m playin’. Um….get hip, Reno. Pigments are loose powders that can be used anywhere….that’s the best definition I can give you. LOL! Please go to the website and do your research. I’m disappointed in you. You were doing so well in the MAC Studies department. F+ on your progress report.

    You ‘gon buy me a gift, uh? Okay….I’ll take the Novel Twist brush set. Hehehe…

    I like the headwrap under the cap thing, but I want to show my hair too, so I’m a bit torn. My 2-strand twists look crazy with the cap and a wild fro is out of the question. Although I would love to do it. Hmm…I’ll think of something, I’m sure.

  • yummy411

    hey b.. i love piggies too.. i wasn’t the biggest fan, but when i like one, i love it!

    congrats on graduating! maybe some skinny feed-in type cornrows?

    i just got hip to paypal cuz i’m so apprehensive about 3rd party links to the bank acct! so one day, samples will be my friend too .. i have a whole list.

    oh btw.. i just pulled my naked lunch out of my stash, because i’ve been perusing what I have and practicing all week for the perfect neutral look for a wedding. we fell in love at purchase.

    my recent crush: fix+ =) see ya!