Smoke Signals & Blue Storm

Okayyy, so I didn’t think I’d be too into some the newest MAC lines but I actually was. Now I wasn’t a fan of the quads….I don’t really know how to do smoky eyes but I’m going to learn anyway. I have a class at MAC tomorrow to learn how to do it correctly.

I still didn’t end up buying anything from that line. BUT, Smoke Signals has a beautiful nude Lipglass called Bare Truth that I was so close to purchasing. But I had self control. I don’t need it. But who knows….I may go back and cop that.

Blue Storm shocked me more than I thought it would. The colors are more beautiful in person. I ended up only getting Blue Storm and Thunder but I’m happy because they are 2 colors that I don’t have in my collection. I have the swatches and pics here. There were some pretty nice looking Lipglasses too. But of course, I’m still stuck on MAC in 3D texture and consistency. Regular Lipglasses….I don’t think I like them as much. But the colors are still pretty gorgeous on us brown ladies.

Overall…I think this is a pretty nice collection….very interesting concept. Still…nothing can beat C-Shock, in my eyes. I’m going back to Tampa and of course I’m going to a store (flippin’ Tallahassee only has a counter….but thank God for my move to LA in a week….a PRO store ain’t too far!). Just for ole’ times sake.

Soooo, I think you ladies should check out these 2 new lines. I’ll play around with them soon.
….and ohhhh, guess who easily depotted 3 eyeshadows today?! It was easy!!
Peace for now.
  • yummy411

    oooh i still haven’t taken the depotting plunge though i need to! i could have so many b2m’s!

    nice haul… i wasn’t feeling the colors as much. that blue is kinda hot though.

  • MACaddict

    I loved Blue Storm also. I ended up buying Blue Storm, Cumulus, and Thunder. Stormwatch was so gorgeous but so dayum chalky and hard to blend I had to pass. On second thought I may go back just to buy it and see if I can make it work somehow.

  • Afrodite

    What?!? Finally I’ve found a fellow MAC addict. I am snapping for the kids as we speak. Have you ever experimented with the MAC shadow “Cranberry”? It’s a great fall color and it gives the illusion of pink on brown-skinned girls without looking too loud and tacky.

    I like to wear it over alone or over “Sketch”.