Two looks

Okay, I got some madd updates for ya this entry. It’ll be a week and a half before I head out to LA….my internship is over. I have no classes and I feel like I am lacking so much purpose in my life right now. Post-graduation nerves, I’m assuming. The only thing that is making me feel better is make-up. And I’m in mofo Tallahassee…this place only has a MAC counter. No store. I hate flippin’ counters…..anywho this is what I have.

Fiiirst, the look I have here has no name. Here are the products I used:
That yucky Hush Color Cream base…oh, ignore that Antiqued eye shadow….and this is a palette I created:
-Woodwinked in inner lid
-Sketch on outer lid
-Humid on crease
-And Bamboom as my highlighter
I loooove this combination. It’s gorgeous. This is what I came up with. Let me know what you think:

Uggghh, as usual, ignore the brows. I have yet to return to perfecting them. Skin is getting better…thank the Lord for that.
This picture is arranged on my blog a little funny, but here is the look in its entirety. I’m wearing Elaborate Lip glass. It’s aight….too much glitter if you ask me, but it was a cheap outlet steal.
I looove that palette. It’s a nice everyday look. Humid is dark enough to where it tones down the Woodwinked and Sketch…I don’t know. I love Sketch. I think it’s such a lovely “Outer V….or outer lid look”.
And now introducing another look that I did using greens. I used 3:
Eyepopping….some Milani green (ugh, can’t remember the name!) and Humid. Whoever suggested that I get Humid, I loooove you. It is gorgeous and goes on beautifully.
All of these pictures are gonna look crazy because I was having a wonderful morning this particular day, so you’ll have to excuse my silliness. I don’t know…..I’m really feelin’ greens these days.

Eyepopping was on inner lid, that Milani green in the middle and I used Humid as an outer V and blended all 3 colors up. I didn’t do a highlighter. After my consultation with an artist yesterday, I discovered that I don’t need a highlighter when I do crazy looks like these. The space between my crease and brownbone is like a mile away. I have so much space. Color on the lid, crease AND browbone is too much for me sometimes….has anyone else realized this?

Heres’s a better “far away” look. Ohhh….and ZDazzle, can you guess what’s on my lips? It’s that wonderful Wondershine from the MAC in 3D line. Yes, it’s wonderful and I don’t mind the color payoff being intense. It’s dark enough for me. I love this color A LOT!
What do yall think? Thoughts?
Oh…I’m loving my new MAC brushes. They seriously were worth the money. My blending is 10x better and that 242….I don’t know how I survived without it!
  • yummy411

    a whole lot of makeup shopping! yippe! good stuff! on the highlighter, i agree… i’ve been practicing very intently to do a lid and minimal crease… leaving the highlight area natural (for a cleaned up brow look, but natural, i use a concealer very close to my skin color.) shadow from lashline to brow can become a little clownish.

    i love your looks! that humid is fab on you. nice looks!

  • reno

    hey mamas..that first look is gorgeous! i really like it. its not too much but just enough to where i can notice that you actually have on something.

    oh, and stop lacking purpose. you have no classes and no job but look what you’ve earned, a college degree! and you’re moving to LA to another job and many other infinite possibilities so stop pouting and enjoy this break while you can. erbody aint able.

    and a nice green look too. i’m proud of you!

  • FemmeNoire

    I love your blog. The looks you put together as inspiring :)

  • Divine Blackness

    Thanks Yumsters! I’m so hip to the concealer or Bamboom paint as a highlighter. And Vanilla pigment on occassion!

    Dang Reno…you always gotta Momma-me. Sheesh. The countdown begins. I’ll be in LA in exactly 8 days.

    And thanks for stoppin’ by Femmenoire! I appreciate your feedback!