So a sista has been gone for a minute and I do apologize. But I do come back to you as a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!

Yess yessss, I have walked the stage and it was so wonderful that I want to do it again. LOL, seriously. After my AmeriCorps service I’m headin’ on to someone’s grad school. So yep yep, that’s that.

Aaaaand, I got a digital camera as a gift so now there will be more updates with better quality photos. The only one I have today is:

Yesss, I was beyond excited. My eye make-up was “ehhh….” Nothing to brag about. The look here was my favorite pigment combo…

-Melon on the lid
-Coco beach on the crease
-And I took out my ex-BFF Vex as my highlighter

….and then I put on the StudioFix because I knew I was going to be taken a ton of photos. It lasted pretty well. But then a day later, I noticed freakin’ small bumps all over my face. (sigh) Could be a coincidence, but whatever. I’m thinking I need to completly retire that StudioFix and try StudioTech…or somethin’ else. It clearly isn’t for me.

Over the past week or so I’ve been to 2 MAC stores, 2 MAC counters, an outlet, Ulta and Sephora. So I’ve been out and about. Got some new stuffs and got some reviews.



The Novel Twist basic brush set is such greatness….well, for me at least. This is the most I’ve spent on brushes. I think it’s great for a beginner like myself. The entire set costs $48 and includes smaller handles of the 129, 190, 224, 242 and 266. Now of course it came out ’bout a month ago but I was waiting until I copped some graduation money before I got it. Hehehe…..anywho the 224 is an amazing blending brush. And the 242 is GREAT for eyeshadow application.

Still playing around with the others. And then I purchased a 222 brush from an outlet for only $11. It’s the white tip blending brush that I haven’t played around with much and only purchased out of excitement. Any ideas on how to use this one?

Okay noooow…..


Anyone familiar with this one? It stuck out on me for some reason and I think it is so divine. MAC describes it as ash brown with bronze cast. As a veluxe pearl, it goes on very nicely….especially with Woodwinked.

Chrome Yellow
Purchased this because I want a diverse make-up collection. And uhh…I’m not too sure if I like it just yet. It takes a looong time to get it to do what you want it to do. I’m assuming this will only be GREAT with a primer similar to its color. Other than that I wasn’t too big on it. But I think it’s great to have nonetheless. I also pulled Humid and finally Woodwinked. Which is 10x better than that bright ass Amberlights, I might add.

My “to be purchased soon” shadows:
Flashtrack-what I’ll do this this royal blue, I don’t know…but it calls my name EVERYTIME I go into MAC. Next time I’m getting it. It’s sooo pretty.

…and Star Violet, Sushi Flower and Parfait Amour.


Hush Color Cream Base
Has anyone used MAC’s CCBs before? Wellll, this is my first and last purchase of these kids. The artist did warn me that CCBs are NOT for folx with oily lids. Welll….I never considered mine to be so oily, but apparently they are. A few hours after having put this on, the whole “where you blink your eye” crease part was completely jacked up. I mean, I had NO make-up there. It looked awful. Definitely not for me. So what have I learned from this? Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is the best…better than CCBs, shadesticks and paint. The end. I should probably mention that MAC says this product has many uses so perhaps I’ll find something else to use it for. But for the lids…nooooope.

….I got some other stuff like Elaborate Lip glass (not to be worn alone…too much glitter)….my beloved MAC Vanilla piggie (plan on order more samples before I move to LA) and some non-make-up goodies like Carol’s Daughter hair oil.

Tis it for now…..look for mo betta photos!

  • reno-nooo!

    hey mamas! congrats on graduating. i am so proud of you! seriously. grad school ain’t no joke. wish i would have taken a break before i went. and now you got a digital cam, so thats whats up.

    hmmm…just lookin’ through your entry here. glad you got your brushes. now you really are a pro!

  • zdazzle

    Yeeaaahhhh, an update! (lol)…I’m so slow with the updates myself.

    Anywho, Congrats once again on graduating! I know there are big blessings for you in the future. Looking forward to the new pics with your new camera also. I lost mine last week (talk about someone being mad), so hopefully I’ll be getting a new one soon too.

    Glad you finally got that brush set, I know you really wanted it.

    I only have one MAC CCB (Bronze). I don’t use it for a base on my lids though (never tried it as a matter of fact), I use it on my cheeks as a bronzer. It’s great! It gives me that sun-kissed glow look (lol). Maybe you can do something like that with yours, maybe like a blush or something (just a thought).

    Looking forward to more updates.

  • yummy411

    yay! congrats girlie! great haul stuff. yeh the ccb’s aren’t made for my lids either. i use my improper copper as a blush, lip color and i have Shell… can be used as a highlighter for cheeks and brows, but rarely do i use it. you got chrome yellow… fab, but my friend of your complexion said that it didn’t show as vivid on her either. yes a primer might be needed, but if you find something of its sort in loose powder def scoop that (or scrape a bit of the shadow into a little powder to pack it on.)