Yellows and a Neuty

Hi beautiful faces!

Before I introduce my reviews and looks, I have to mention that MAC Pro has launched some gorgeous new colors. They are more along the C-Shock line: bright, vibrant and highly pigmented colors. I am in love with them all but unfortunately when I went to the PRO store in Orlando, they only had one of the ones I wanted. Let me introduce you kids to:


Yesss…another yellow. If you’re like me and have found zero success in Chrome Yellow and Canary Yellow, this is it! MAC has done it. This yellow is magnificent. It is highly pigmented even without a base—so imagine how it looks WITH one. Now I know some of us may not be BIG on yellows…it’s not exactly a color that you’d want to wear everyday, but I’m looking to have a rather diverse traincase—and that includes non-traditional colors. Not to mention, neglecting to own colors like this feeds to the idea that darker skinned women can’t wear bright colors and I KNOW that ain’t true.

BRIGHT SUNSHINE, A color that MAC describes as a “Bright clean primary iridescent yellow”. As a frost, this color needs very little application to go on brightly. To prove this, I’ve done 4 swatches. 3 with bases. 1 without. The first 3 colors’ bases are:

(1) Urban Decay Primer Potion
(2) Gentil Lentil Shadestick
(3) Bamboom Paint
….and (4) is no base at all.

Wow….so, of course I had a hard time with lightning, but the last swatch looks just as good as the other three. My favorite base for this would be the paint. And I bet if you had a yellowish shadestick, it would pop like none other! So 10 points for Bright Sunshine….only available at MAC Pro locations.

Hmmm….and since we’re on this new launch of fab colors, let’s talk about one more. Blue Clam…similar to Electric Eeel but BETTER is a look I had done on me by one of the make-up artists. Aside from falling in love with this handsome cat, he also used the Delft Paint Pot (okay….these are FAB!). I don’t have a great close up but this is the finished product…me in all of my silliness.

So yes…I encourage you folx….who are into the bright colors to check out MAC Pro’s new line. I think you’ll fall in love just like I did. However, a lot of the great colors are already sold out so I guess us unfortunate non MAC Pro membership folx are outta luck, uh? So sad….I’m tryna get a membership myself. LOL, somehow!!

Kay kay….before I go, lemme drop you a Neuty aka….a neutral look that I created and topped off with MAC in 3D’s Wondershine.
What I have here is:
-Woodwinked on lid
-Antiqued on crease and lightly blended up
-Vanilla pigment on crease

The MAC in 3D Wondershine has a dark brown lip liner from Jordana (my favorite cheapo brand) but I was considering puchasing a Lipglass liner….but who knows. How the freak are you supposed to sharpen those mofos? I love the color nonetheless and am going to go check out some more today.

And Reno, mama….this Wondershine close up is for you. You said it was TOO bright, but don’t let the color of these MAC 3D lippies fool you. They look bright in the their bottles, but they really are very sheer. But sheer enough to where it shows up. And I’m workin’ on snappin’ shots of my baby traincase so you can see what I’m “workin’ wit” (lol)—but it ain’t much so don’t be shocked. And MAC Pro stores…..nothing less than heaven. It’s amazing! Peace and pigments, loves!

….oh and have I mentioned how uploading pics on Blogger is AWFUL! Am I the only one who has these problems?

  • Anonymous

    wondershine is hott!!

  • MAC_GottaHave9435

    Coming from Specktra: thanks for the yellow swatches. i too and tryign to find a good yellow and keep hitting a dead end. chrome yellow is ugh! i hate the way it goes on. but when i told a ma that she was all upset saying anything is possible with a better base. bull shit. i wasn’t having it and so i returned it. but mmm i wasn’t familiar with bright sunshine so i may order that. if you aren’t a pro member can you still order things over the phone? do you know?

    and your neuty is gorgeous! i also am loving wondershine. its beautiful on you!

  • zdazzle

    I looovvveee Bright Sunshine!!! I haven’t had the courage to get it yet because I keep thinking that I don’t need 2 yellows because I already have Chrome Yellow, but I just may have to break down and get it. Yes, that wondershine is hot! I’m hoping they are still in stores next month because I want to get some more of them. Don’t you just love the way they feel, kinda a moisturizing lip gloss? I’m loving the looks! You really are becoming a Pro at makeup (that green look is on fire…makes me want to pull out some greens). I can’t wait to see your looks with Bright Sunshine.