*breatheeeee” Jill Scott’s new album has a song on it called “Breathe”…..I really only buy neo-soul and jazz albums. Random fact #15 about B: I HATE MAINSTREAM MUSIC.

Moving on again..the MAC jigsaw facechart inspired me. So I tried to do the same thing. Except I didn’t and ended up with something different. First I tried this ish on my hand.

Here’s the full face. It took at least an hour and you don’t even want to know how many colors I used. A LOT! I don’t feel like posting the 30+ colors I used. I had a great time diggin’ in the pigments though. I very rarely use them. And then I realized how fab the colors are when they are used wet. Loved it!
I used Picasa to make the colors a little more vibrant. I can dig it. It was a fun look to do. And I absolutely love Mattene’s Rapturous. I just have a hard time wearing it outside the house. HA!

Next Up….Rainbow Eye Attempt #3. Every few months I like to do a rainbow/parrot eye. It gives me the opportunity to play around with colors I hardly use and work on my blending skills. Yesterday my Fix + came in and after spraying some on my 242 brush and applying the pigments, I ended up with the most vibrant rainbow eye ever .

I can dig it….went to a Halloween volunteer gig and looked fab with all of my color. It was fun and people were in awe of my colors.

What exactly is Fix + for? I mean…what is its primary use? I haven’t figured it out but it works greeeeat with my pigments. I have a MAC class today. I’m taking my housemate Joy who, like me at one point, doesn’t even own any make-up. Yet she’s got that bomb ass Benefit eyebrow set. Joy is so pretty. She’s Japanese and has beauuuutiful features. Can’t wait to see how she’ll look with a little enhancement.

Peace beauties.

  • Anonymous

    i can’t believe you call yourself a newbie in the make-up world. i think your skills are incredible!

  • Afrodite

    The rainbow eye looks beautiful up close.

  • yummy411

    you did such a fabulous job! i have yet to attempt any of the face art. fix + is multipurpose girl… it’s also great for helping to set makeup, your powders.. to quicken the settling in process and not to look so powdery. when you use your pigments wet, are you using fix+ on your brush first, then dip into pigments? how do you do it? lastly, lol, how do you learn of the mac classes. i have yet to go to one. i only heard of one because i over heard one MA talking to another customer about it. i need to know the dates, etc. on the regular lol.

  • Divine Blackness

    Thanks Afro love…preciate it.
    And to anon!!

    Yumster: I wet my 242 brush a bit and then yes….dip it right on in the pigment. It goes on sooo smooth and beautifully bright. So in love with Fix+.

    As far as the MAC classes go, I promise I just luck up on finding out about them. I promise….all 3 times that I’ve gone, it’s been fate. Sometimes they advertise. Sometimes I call. Sometimes I ask….and they will give you a date of when the next MAC in Mode is. Get up on it! Although I’m sure you can teach a class instead of sit up in one!

  • Talysha

    I think your skills are incredible as well. The rainbow eye you created looks absolutely gorgeous. Keep it up honey!!! Give us more Miss Ma’am… you’re doing a fabulous job. :)