Halloween is Comin’ Up….

Soooo I tried some new stuff yesterday and actually had the balls to post it on Specktra’s FOTD page. *gulp* Everyone and their pro skills and then little ole me. Ahhh well. I liked the look so we’ll see what other ladies think.

Here’s what I used:

UDPP—my mofo BFF!
Rubensque as a base (sp)
Acid Orange pigment
Off the Radar pigment
Carbon e/s
Vanilla pigment
Plush Lash mascara (okay, I’m diggin’ it…)

And here’s what I got…..(let’s see how bad Blogger will F up the photo placement!)

Okayyy….so not too bad, uh? I could have blended a little better but what good would this blog me if everything I did was absolutely PERFECT? Hehe….and I swipped some NARS Taj Mahal….just a little…on my checks and I love it!

Let me know what yall think. Don’t be nice. Be honest.
But hey…if your honest is raving my new look…heyyy, I can dig it. :)

Ummm, also, need some help in the eyelashes department.
Has anyone ever used a Shu Uemura or Shiseido eyelash curler? Hmmm, I am seriously thinking about investing in one of these. The prices aren’t too steep….$16-$20 from Sephora. That’s not too bad. I tend to get that 90 degree angle when I use my drugstore curlers. It’s awfuuuuul. So we’ll see about gettin’ that. Hopefully today.

Peace and beauty, my loves!

  • Afrodite

    Me likey. Nice fall colors.

    Now I’m not going to hate on Halloween because it’s my favorite holiday but getting out of school early seems a bit much.

    And the pirate theme is wack. I never jumped on the Pirates of the Caribbean bandwagon so…yeah.

    I see that Sidekick 3 in the back and yeah I’m a Sidekick user too. What tipped you off? The grainy-ass pictures? Lol…

  • Talysha

    Loves it! Very cute look. I’m with you… I’m a little iffy on the Catholic school celebrating Halloween, letting the kiddies out early and even deciding on a “pirate” theme for the teachers. Eck! But, who knows? It may be fun. Again, great job on the look and great blog!!!