Handwritten on my brows…

Okayyyy, because I’m off from teaching this whole week, I have enough time to be a serious “wannabe model”.

So….as most of you know, MAC released the Matte2 collection a few weeks back. I only got Signed Sealed and Handwritten. And that was before I realized the collection was perm. I figured these two colors would be great for the crease. I haven’t played around with them much. It wasn’t until I saw Yum’s beautiful brows until I realized that maybe I should try shadows on the brow.

Sooo….first I took out my concealer and cleaned up my under-brow area. I also brushed my brows like mad. They are sooo curly.

And then….with the 266 brush I applied Handwritten on the brows. Not in any sort of form or fashion. I started filling in empty hairs and then creating a better arch at the top. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I really think that perhaps my brows look TOO thick.

Please, viewers, readers, pros, newbies, stalkers
….tell me what you think.

And because I’m a mess….I decided to get all made up so I put on some:
Studio Tech
Warm Sand blush by Fashion Fair (still embarrassed to have this but who cares, lol!)
Feline Kohl Power on the waterline
….and sloppily applied MAC in 3D’s Wondershine.
It looks a mess in the rest of these pics so please ignore! HA!

….and then I got all dolled up in my favorite wrap!. I’m diggin’ the brows a bit. I think that perhaps this color is a bit too light. So I may need to get something darker. And WOW, that concealer really does make me look….”brighter”.
I’m sorry….Fashion Fair or not, I love this blush! I just hope I’m putting it on the right way. Am I contouring? Someone help!
Why do the brows look damn good when I make this face? Any other face and they just look…..aight. I want them to always look THIS good. But uh oh…I got the Tyra foundation thing goin’ on. I didn’t take it to the hairline. Ahhh well…you live and learn.

Me and my ankh. I heart photography.
LOL..my bra strap is showin’.
Make-up porn. Heheheeee…
Soooo….there’s my experience with that.
  • Nemesis

    I use Espresso on my brows…but yours really look great

  • Divine Blackness

    Hmm..Espresso, I need to look into that because I need something darker! Thaaaanks!

  • Afrodite

    I like the faraway shot of the brows but up close the color looks a little off. Maybe it’s the flash.

    And I didn’t know concealer works on brows…

  • Divine Blackness

    Yep, I’m not too big on Handwritten. I tried it again and uhhhh, not so sure on that. Stop stop tryna be nice, it wasn’t the flash, mama! LOL!

  • yummy411

    b your brows look great! sometimes i feel unsatisfied with my brows because they can look fake and very forced (i guess you can say) but yours look nice, full and natural. your color of choice is supposed to be a shade or half a shade lighter than your hair. in the pics it looks totally fine and close up you will see that it’s off a bit, but maybe for ‘you’ it may have a bit too much red in it. try espresso. sometimes it comes off lighter than it looks in the pan. good luck! job well done! doesn’t a 266 make you want to do a backflip? if you want to get really sassy one day with a super perfected look, try the concealer all around your brows: top, bottom and front and yes.. blleeennd like you did. you’re gorgeous!

  • yummy411

    oh.. so many thoughts lol… fashion fair, givenchy, wet n wild.. it’s not about the brand.. it’s what works and what looks good on you. you make me want to check out some fashion fair blushes =)