I’m learning…

I’m feeling so down still about this whole “make-up” thing. I’m trying to figure out if I should get serious SERIOUS about it or keep it a little hobby. I don’t feel like I’m good enough. And I know I need to practice to get better but….I don’t know.


Look at Joy. How pretty is she make-up less?
We went to MAC in Mode….MAC in Mode is a technique class that MAC Cosmetics sometimes hold. It is open to the public and free…..well, there is an assumed rule that you’re going to spend at least $50 worth of MAC Cosmetics. And I think you should….these make-up artists spend 3 hours teaching you some tricks. I think it’s the least we can do.

This makes my 3rd. Went to one in Tallahassee and one in Tampa) and boyyy did we learn A LOT! This was Joy’s time actually putting on make-up! She was such a virgin and left a serious lover of not only make-up but MAC Cosmetics.

The make-up artists were very nice and helping us in our make-up application and taught us about their skincare products. They are shocked that I knew that there is caffeine in Fix + and how holiday set brushes are machine made and regular brushes are handmade. At one point I shut the hell up because I felt too much like a snobby know-it all. But some of the ladies weren’t on point with their information so some of them , I think….need to stroll on over to Specktra. HA!

I ended up purchasing (out of obligation because I really wasn’t diggin’ the holiday sets…..until today when I realized I want one!):
Fibre Rich Mascara *insert upset smiley here*
Strobe Cream…..it’s aight. Too damn much for how much you get but it’s decent.
And #7 fake lashes. I like them, I like them!!

….I think I’m okay with purchasing for awhile. I’m back at work and can’t play around as much as I want to but I’m doing what I can.

I’m learning.

Oh….and here’s a picture of how I look today. I don’t look EXACTLY like that but the make-up is the same. Eyeliner and mascara…and I’m busting the StudioTech today with a Vanilla highlight and a little blush. Yay!!

I want the 187 face brush sooooo bad. But damn, $42!!! I could buy my students at least 30 books from a discounted book store for that much. See….my humanitarianism pulls on my make-up obsession. I hate that!

  • yummy411

    your housemate is so adorable!

    the 187 is great, i just sucked it up and got the holiday set.

    i’ll get the full size when i get a makeup artist’s discount… so yes.. stay in the game and get your pro discount too.. the holiday version isn’t bad. the bad holiday brushes are ones like the 266… yuck!

    i made goals for myself… to work on a pro card.. etc.
    when i finish the makeup class i’m awarding myself with a new tatooo and sprint pda phone =)

  • Afrodite

    I know what it’s like to be a MAC addict but in terms of the brushes have you ever thought of chekingout ULTA’s brushes? I know they’re not that much cheaper but it may help.

    Also try looking at Target. I know they have a line of make-up brushes called Sonia something.I have the angled eyeshadow brush and it works just fine.

    That’s one thing about me, I’ll by the MAC Cosmetics but ‘eff those expensive-ass brushes.

  • Afrodite

    P.S. Your fro/puff is veeeeery cute!