Make-up Hypocrisy

I’m a mess.
I’m forever vowing that I will never do this and never do that in regards to make-up and I always end up going there.

Remember when I said I would never wear face make-up?
*glances at MAC StudioTech*

I said…”Only people’s Mommas where lipsticks!”
*glances at Mattene Rapturous*

I vowed to never wear bright colors!
*smiles at Bright Sunshine*

And the latest….I said I was leaving my brows alone. I got impatient and fed up with trying to perfect them.

Until I applied Handwritten with the 266 on my brows.
They ain’t on Yummy’s level yet but damn they look good. I mean…they look really good.

No more saying what I’m going to STOP learning or trying to practice.
No more make-up hypocrisy.
….and I’ll post pics soon of brows. Yummy, you’re the inspiration!

  • Afrodite

    I used to say that I’d never wear face makeup but as I got older I started to look like a grease monster so I turned to MAC Pressed Powder. Haven’t looked back since!

  • Divine Blackness

    LOL….grease monster! Stoooop!

  • yummy411

    awwwwww b! I feel so special. I’m glad I could be an inspiration! One thing that I will say because I get eyebrow envy sometimes, we have to work and love the brows we have… they won’t look like someone else’s but they are made perfectly for us… like our hair. I used to hate on girl’s with tight layers, the wrap that always looks perfect or how they were able to manage new growth while waiting on the next perm. Great for them, but i gotta do the best I can with my hair.

  • yummy411

    oh and never say never! =) i’m glad you are rediscovering some gems…. that’s why i hate to see ppl return stuff now (as much as i like to return things) but most of the time people just don’t know what they have or how to use it! lol