Make-up Thoughts

I’ve been having these crazy thoughts lately…..about make-up, in general.

Sometimes I’m envious….envious of those who work at MAC, those who have bangin’ ass photos of make-up they’ve done, folx with killa FOTDs.

Sometimes I feel stupid spendin’ all this money on make-up. I could be donating money I spend to the school that I work at. I could be paying off my credit card. Or saving up for a ticket home for the holidays. Or for a new tattoo. Or for grad school. Or for the damn GRE to get into grad school!

Sometimes I feel excited! I enjoy looking at my pictures and seeing the designs that I’ve created. I get proud of myself.

Sometimes I compare myself to others….”Damn, I can’t do that.” “I’ll never be able to do this…..” I get rather defeatist.

Sometimes I want to pursue make-up artistry.
Sometimes I think I should just focus on grad school.
Sometimes I get mad for not being to afford the things I want.
Sometimes I get mad for wanting to spend money on things like this.
Sometimes I think I can do it.
Sometimes I think I lack the experience and references.
Sometimes I want make-up to be a hobby.
Other days I want it to be a fun career.
Sometimes I think I’ll never make it big if I did pursue it.
Other days I think I may be THAT bomb ass make-up artist.

…..crazy thoughts. But at least they are genuine. Can anyone relate?

I also did another MAC Halloween look. Just for fun.

I used….no face make-up.
No blush…
Revlon Colorstay Black eyeliner
Golden Lemon pigment
Pink Mauve pigment
Fix +…..I love this stuff with pigments!
Jellybabe Lipgelee….tis all!
….only took me a good 15 minutes.

I certainly can dig it.
  • s

    brit mannnn, do you. do what feels right. you are forever battling with someone within yourself. what do you want to do? what do you like to do? it’s that simple. i must admit though…this is a new you! you were never realllly into your appearance. and still was so beautiful. not that you aren’t now. change is sometimes okay. i can’t relate too much because i think mac is too damn expensive. $14 for a pot….$10 for a pan (ahhh, i know my terminology)) is a bit crazy to me but whatev. do you. be you. call me soon, chick.

  • Anonymous

    Yesss! Do what makes you happy! Be a makeup artist on the side to make some money towards the GRE to get into grad school, get yo makeup hustle on…lol, because in a few years from now you don’t want to be like “Man I wish I would have done that!” Also the other part of that is finding out what your immediate priorities are and your goals, short and longterm. the only way to find those out is by praying and seeking God consistently and diligently. Jerimiah 1 always helps me when I don’t really know what to do, so check it out if you already havent. Then get rid of that negative self-talk gurl! I’ll be proud of you no matter which road you choose….

  • yummy411

    b! i get this way all the time… i have my highs and lows that i’ve learned to accept and count it as a way to save money! lol. i also think, pray and ask for God to let me know what’s for me. You know how ppl will say, something aren’t made for everyone? i think about that, like what if this isn’t my special talent? but i’m going to run with it anyway. have you ever gone to a male MA who is like… oh that is fierce! beautiful honey, i love that! — i have to think like them and do me.

    i know that the doubting and dislike will pass so i focus in on other obsessions.. shoes, learning to cook, finding stuff for babyyum, etc.

    anon is on point- i’ve been delaying grad school not knowing what the heck i really want to do meanwhile.. i’ve taken up a makeup course and that will be my side hustle while i’m playing the game called life. shortly after, my goal is to be enrolled somewhere! i’ll check out the scripture to–

    inspirational quote: “i am not afraid, i was born to do this”- joan of arc

  • Afrodite

    That’s life shit…I tell you. I think you co9uld be suffering from a case of buyers remorse. That’s okay, we all do it.

    I saw that sunrise/senset design on the MAC website. Looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody left the quote “I am not afraid… I was born to do this” Thought you would like to know that Joan of Arc actually said: “I do not fear the soldiers, for my road is made open to me; and if the soldiers come, I have God, my Lord, who will know how to clear the route that leads to messire the Dauphin. It was for this that I was born!”
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