So of course, most obsessed MAC fans know that the Antiquitease collection as dropped. I can’t say enough how much I love living in LA (and probably for this reason alone) because they have 2 MAC counters, a store and a PRO store in a 10-mile radius. So fortunate. I stay goin’ to the PRO store in West Hollywood because they have the best customer service and of course they get new collections a week earlier.

So I played around a bit and Mi’Lady’s beauty caught my attention. Some of the other colors did but I was realllly likin’ this one. So I purchased the damn thing only to find out it has waaay too many sparkles for me. I’m not a fan of sparkles and glitter on the eyes. Hence the reason why I don’t even look at Swimming e/s anymore. Glitter bothers me!

But I played around with it a bit and put the colors on top of Artifact paint pot. Still not likin’ it. The colors blend well together but….I don’t think it’s for me. A little disappointed too because I’ve thrown away my box and receipt so I can’t return it.

And yes, my application is a bit messy because I was just experimenting. Maybe Mi’Lady will be one of those colors that I grow to love.

We shall see. I’m staying away from Antiquitease lip stuffs. They all look a bit blah to me. I haven’t been too impressed with these past few MAC collections. This in a sense, is a good thing. A break in purchasing will allow me to perfect my skills in the skin and application and eyebrows and eyelashes area. LOL, I got a loooot to work on. Someone share some tips, recs or something with me. What’s goin’ on in your make-up/beautification life?
  • reno

    damn that color is pretty. too bad it hasn’t quite worked out for you. but im sure you’ll think of some ways to make it work because your skills are gettin better, my sister!

  • Anonymous

    I am addicted to plucking so I can help you with the brow part… 1) Never tweeze from the top, never! 2)Don’t spend more than two minutes on each brow so you can ensure that they will match after you finish. 3) Use a magnification mirror and preferably one with bright lights around it. 4)Make boundaries for your brow: it should start directly above the inside duct of your eye, you know where you collect those “eye boogers”??? and it should end diagonally upward from the outside duct of your eye.If they are too short, it can make you face look fat (I have first hand experience) 5) Use a eyebrow brush throughout the tweezing process; if your brows are to curly that even when you brush them, they revert back to original position, put some vasaline on them or grease :) 6)Try not to arch them, but clean them up first. Then on the next day you try to arch them, but the arch isn’t that important, but rather getting a clean brow area is first. 7)Lastly, don’t tweeze that thickest area closest to the inside of your eye duct unless you see some obvious strays thats messing up a straight line.
    TWEEZE ON my sistuh!!

    oh yeah, I kind of like the mi’ lady on you; I’ll get round to playing with it myself later this week after all these freakin tests….
    ~Dany C.

  • Afrodite

    Purple is soooo my go-to fall color.

    Do you frequent Sephora? I bought some Sephora brand, ultra-shine gloss in #4 and while it looks like it could be the business, it is in fact not.