What I’ve learned

Okay, so I’m back!

This is going to be a picture-less post. I want to list my top 10 lessons/findings since I’ve been on my little beauty blog hiatus. Here we go….and please if you have any tips, suggestions, proposals….please help a sista out!

(1) Leave the eyebrows alone. I’ve decided to leave them the hell alone! At one point I got obsessed with trying to get “the perfect brows”. I really don’t care anymore. They aren’t perfect and I’m fine with that. I’m sick of trying to make lines and color them in and create arches and all of that mess. It’s time consuming and rather unnecessary to me. So no more drawing brow lines. I am learning to tweeze them myself—which I think is going rather well. But aside from tweezing every once in a while and trimming them, I’m leaving them alone.

(2) Time to learn how to apply blush. I really don’t know how! Call me crazy but once upon a time, I thought blushes were only for non-Black women. Silly me! But now I’ve discovered a whole new world of blushes via NARS. Beautifuuuuul. I copped Taj Mahal from a friend and now I’m peering at Crazed. Exhibit A is fab too. These colors are nice and all but I need to learn how to correctly apply blush. And MSF. I still don’t know what that stuff is for.

(3) Don’t be anti-foundation. I tried foundation. Then I gave up on it. Well, now I’m hip to it again. I think I’ve found something better. MAC StudioFix is the devil in powder foundation form. StudioTech is better. And now that I’ve found the correct shade….I find myself really liking how it looks on me. Sometimes. I don’t ever want to get to the point where I wear foundation everyday. I know it sounds crazy, but I really have no problem with my skin in all of its flaws. And it’s not like I have a busted face. I don’t mind my LA smog-created pimples. I wish they’d go away but I think it takes too much time to conceal them and my uneven coloration. I have really accepted my skin in its natural state. So foundation on only special occasions.

(4) Time to invest in MAC skincare products. This whole make-up thing is fun for me, but also very difficult. I used to be an “all natural” girl in terms of skincare products. But noooow, I’m stepping outside of the box. Wow. So, for the past 5 years or so I’ve been using Black soap, Aveeno (so not all natural), jojoba oil, cocoa butter and other natural oils that my Mother has made. I got a sample of MAC’s Green Cleansing Oil and my face loves it. It’s amaaaazing. And LA smog pimples are starting to go away because of it. So it’s time to go with what works. And so far it seems to be MAC skincare products.

(5) Find the perfect neutral look. I’ve played around with different colors and I’ve liked my findings. But I want the perfect neutral eye. So off to research what other brown ladies are doin’.

(6) Tame the eyelashes. They are getting a little less unruly but not where I want them to be. That and find a fab mascara that gives me amazing lashes. PlushLash is pretty decent but I know there is something better! And false lashes are fun but I want to create lengthy and full natural lashes.

(7) Create a portfolio. Just for fun. I want to have pictures of all of my looks with the products I used. For no reason. But since I’m into this make-up thing right now in my life, it would be nice to show something for it—-besides entirely too much money in products.

(8) Don’t get too caught up in MAC lippies. I know, they are beautiful. We can all attest to that. But them mofos cost too much money. I’ve become spoiled now and don’t even look at non-MAC lip products. It’s time to head back to Walgreens, CVS and other drugstore brands that were just as good before I distracted. I so blame MAC in 3D’s Wondershine.

(9) Blend like a mofo. And keep blending like a mofo. Because, to me, it truly is one of the most important make-up rules.

(10) Go make-up free at least once a week. And not on a bum day either. I want to continually reinforce how beautiful I SHOULD feel without the use of products. And prove to the world that I can be fab with or without make-up.


  • Afrodite

    I used to be a natural girl too but since starting to wear more make-up it has become an obsession.

    A week without make-up sounds like a good idea.

  • yummy411

    love love love this post, pictureless and all!! you sound like me a few months ago.

    1. yes.. makeup is as makeup does, and it won’t do right if your canvas isn’t right… beautiful skin makes beautiful makeup

    2. i was all wild and crazy about the different beautiful colors, but then i was eerily intrigued by the beauty of the ‘natural’ look.. with makeup that is.. the beautyburst of barbie loves mac turned me on. the beautifulness of brown shadows, contouring the eyes.. ahhh! i still haven’t found my magic default combo, but i’ll get there.

    3. loving and accepting yourself without makeup… it’s a hard pill to swallow but good indeed..

    4. going without foundation is a must! let the beautiful skin breath =)

    i love it!

  • Anonymous

    1. I am still obsessed with my eye brows; if they arent right, then I don’t even bother putting on make-up…I try to pluck an out of place hair every now and then but then it gets to be too much of an ordeal because they grow so fast and I go to the best brow girl in tallahassee, Amber at Toppers, so she can get them back right. I tried coloring them in once, and they looked, uh, “painted!”…never again..
    2. A girl at the MAC counter introduced me into a deep purple/plum shimmer blush and I loved it! I recently bought two more from MAC called loverush and breezy. All I do is smile and circle, cheese!:)
    3. Yes, foundation for me is only three days a week and on sunday concealer + foundation (MAC Studio Fix) It seems like no one really notices when I don’t have on foundation,except me, so the back and forth natural to make-up thing is easy…
    4. I never tried MAC skincare line and honestly didn’t know they had one, oops…. I use neutrogenas oil free acne wash and cream cleanser which gets the make-up off easily and it doesn’t dry my skin out because its soapless, those oxy clean pads maximum strength, an exfoliant/scrub (sp?) once or twice a week, and new to the list YES to Carrots: Night Moisturizing Cream- it works on your skin overnight and in my first night using it my skin was significantly smoother/softer and it had that “fresh glow”. I wash my face twice a day and use the Oxy pads twice a day, and try not to touch my face(or let anyone else) with my hands because you would be disgusted with how much bacteria is on your hands, ughhh.
    5. Light foundation + mascara + blush + brown, gold, antique gold eyeshadow (it is 3 but in three different places on my lid) + sheer highlight underneath the brow = my perfect neutral look
    6. I dont know, but I just really like the MAC zoom lash black, it gets the job done and doesn’t flake unless the humidity is like 95%. lol
    7. You would think as much as my mom takes pics, I would have a NICE camera and the zeal to take pics, but totally not the case. I might assign that job to her, :o)
    8.MAC “lippies” are great but that lip shine sticks like super glue! You need a special oil or perhaps some WD-40 to get that stuff off, so I stick to CO Bigelow. Its at bath and body works, 3 for $15 most of the time, comes in different flavors (cinnamon and 2%peppermint are my favs), tints, and smells. They double as breath fresheners while giving off a high gloss shine. I wear this everyday, everywhere, and everyminute. I haven’t made that big girl step into color and don’t think I will….
    9. blend, yes
    10. The best beauty is what you wake up with in the morning, unaltered, unmasked, God inspired, and God created….

    …didnt feel like getting an account but this Danyelle C…..later