A Fab Video and other stuffs…

I absolutely love beauty folx who aren’t caught up on just one brand of make-up. I’ve always been a hidden make-up lover, and it was MAC that brought out the obsession. However, I STILL can’t help but have a field day in drugstores and Sephora. Hell, I even get excited to go down beauty aisle in grocery stores! Craziness, I know.

I stumbled upon this video from D0rksta’s Beauty Blog. This man did a wonderful run through of his make-up collection and his essentials. It covered all the basics and as a newbie I found it to be extremely helpful! He even mentioned my Mineralized Skin Finish and I felt so proud. I was like, “Awww, I have that!” Please check out the video below for his tips, recs and reviews of make-up essentials. It’s a good 10 minutes of such wonderfulness!

He’s also on YouTube @ EnKore Make-up. I’m sooo watching all of his vids!


  • reno-no-noooo

    ok that man’s video was GREAT!!! he went through all of the important things that should be in a makeup bag.i am so impressed! i have nevr heard of urban decay something potion. is that good stuff?

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    Great video! I’m gonna go look at his other vids too!

  • yummy411

    hey b… yeh enkore is a mini makeup celeb on youtube. i love the depotting tuts w/o fire.

    can;t wait to see this one. i’ll have to wait until i get home =/

  • Afrodite

    We were just talking about mineral foundation in my PR class. Yeah I know, right?

    I’ve been so scared to use foundation because I don’t want to get that caked up look.