Beauty Powders & More

Soooo, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted. Sorrryyyy!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent mine in NYC and no matter how many times I go to that city, it still amazes me. I had an incredible time ice skating, seeing the Macy’s Day parade, Black Friday shoppin’, seeing the Rockettes, dining and spending time with the fam who I haven’t seen in 3 months (long time for me!)….so yes, all was well. And I hope yours was too!! I think I should add that I went lookin’ for the MAC Pro and uhhh…..couldn’t get in the door. So yeah, that kinda sucked. I did go into a Sephora and another MAC and walked out of both empty handed. Actually, I haven’t purchased much make-up since last Tuesday. The Of Beauty beauty powders dropped and I didn’t intend on picking up any of those but of course….I did.

Introducing Sunspill….a color that MAC defines as “Coral peach with white and gold reflect”.

I think it’s beautiful against my NW45 skin. A make-up artist told me that it would be a beautiful highlight under the eyes and even as an eyeshadow. I’ll play around with it a bit and show you what I’ve come up with—mistakes and all! I love how it isn’t TOO much. And it lacks glitter. I loathe glitter. It does have shimmer but works well against my skin so it looks like a highlight….not glittery. The 183 brush feels soooo soft and I wanted to get it, but $40? Uhhh….hopefully that’s a gift that Santa will leave under the tree.

I have seriously put myself on probation from purchasing anymore make-up products. I’m spending too much money and not doing enough practicing with the things that I have. The only investing I will do is in skin care products and accessories. But that’s it!…..hopefully. So in the meantime, I will practice, practice and practice. A friend of mine who, like me, is always moving from house to house wanted to know the easiest and most efficient way to compartmentalize her make-up. Now I’ve just recently become a make-up addict so I don’t have much compared to others, but I do know what it’s like to always be on the go. I’ve moved a total of 9 times in 4 years. Craziness, I know. But I think I have found a way to deal with eye shadow palettes when you have limited and temporary space. VELCRO!

I heart Velcro….it has so many uses. Check it.

You can buy Velcro anywhere….I got mine from K-Mart for less than $4. I stuck a piece on one side of my palette

Yikes, sorry for the blur, loves!

And then I placed the other side of the Velcro on the wall.

And viiiiooola!

Palettes on the wall. I don’t have mine aligned perfectly but oh well….ha. Not that picky about it. But it stays in place. I can see everything without pulling out drawers and best of all, I have more workspace.

I also think it’s a fun way to display your little hobby too. It looks like art! I think this is a great idea for dorms, apartments or even for folx who are working in small areas. I even Velcro my shadows when I depot….I can’t seem to find the right size magnets, but small Velcro pieces work. Try it! I’m going to do EnKore’s brush holder next. You see how mine are just hangin’ in there lookin’ funny. HA!

I haven’t done any recent FOTDs. I can’t get over the brows. Everytime I take a pic, I delete it because I’m not likin’ how I’ve been lookin’ these past few weeks. STILL! They are growin’ and I’m bein’ patient. Review post coming up soon! Off to check out other beauty blogs…..if I haven’t added yours, please let me know!

Peace and Time Square! Missin’ NYC already….*tear*

  • yummy411

    yum! i want something from the new collection and that 183 looks divine!

    velcro on the walls! wow that’s neat. i would have never thought of that, although i’d be apprehensive. what if the velcro ro the glue behind the velcro lost it’s strength? and the palette came crashing down? ok we won’t think those thoughts!

    glad you had a great time in NY… why weren’t you able to get in the MACPro store? I keep missing it whenever i go to NY. =(

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    hey girlie. glad to see you enjoyed yourself while in the big apple! i’ve never been there myself, but that’s defenitely something i need to add to my ‘to -do list’ lol.

    i think that sunspill is gonna look absolutely divine on you! [[no pun intended lol]], and yes mac brushes….don’t get me started on MY wish list! damn near every mac brush I want is more than $30!

    The velcro idea is too ka-ute! I just gotta new apartment so thats an idea! although I don’t have many mac palettes..let alone mac e/s….i’ll get there one day! And don’t worry bout the brows…we’ve all been there. a couple of years ago I let my cousin arch (or what she called arch) my brows…and all I can say is MAYHEM. Let me tell you..all hell broke loose! lol, but they do grow back and all you can say is “lesson learned!”

    new FOTD’s soon right? yeah i know! lol

  • Danyelle

    *GASP* I bought the same thing!… except in Natural Flare. Its a little more rosy-pinkish, but it gives a nice glow and I love it. A little goes a long way….

  • twinkle twinkle

    Hi there – I also have a habit of buyign things and not playing with them right away, but buying more instead. I am trying to get better at that, but I still have some McQueen stuff that I need to play with. Glad to see you are liking the Beauty Powders but I am just not feeling them, or the $40 price tag on that brush. I think I can do without it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow the velco idea is awesome. Girl you would think MAC had black friday sales the way they were crowed down here and they are not even Pro Stores !!!

  • Afrodite

    I like that you referred to your skin tone in M.A.C. Very funny. I’m a NC55, myself.

    Why was I over here on my neck about your Velcro? That’s very creative.

  • nilla cookie

    Love the fun velcro trick on the walls!

    Of Beauty powders look beautiful, I’m trying to refrain from purchasing, myself! Let us know what looks you come with using it :)

  • Vanessa

    OoOOh that sunspill looks gorgeous on your skin! Very pretty! And nifty cute idea on the velcro! That looks so cute on the wall!

  • Divine Blackness

    @ Yums: Don’t scare me liiiiike that. Because I’m paranoid, I’ve since added 2 more pieces of Velcro on each palette. LOL, thanks Yums. That MAC Pro store…I don’t know. I think you have a card to get up in there. I went to right address, rung the bell and no one answered. ???? PS….I’m jipped your @ thing too. Have you noticed? Hehehe..

    @Tracez: Go…no RUN to NYC. It’s the best place ever. I know what you mean about those MAC brushes. Waaay out of my price range.

    @Dany….so I’ll be waitin’ to see some of your looks with the Flare, my love!

    @Twinkle…ain’t seen you in a minute! I need to drop back on Speckta! Yaaah, so I don’t know, I think I just got that beauty powder because I’ve never had one. Newbies always indulge in mess they don’t know much about. LOL, craziness. And yeah that brush…beautiful but deadly….as far as the wallet goes.

    @Shawnta: Yeahhhh, so I’m still obsessed with your hair. MAC having sales? HA! That’ll be the day. OMG, I’d loose my damn mind.

    @AFRO: Why did I tell my friend about your “on my neck” pun? We both died… are just too hilarious.

    @Nilla Cookie: Aww, a celeb beauty blogger, ladies and gentleman! Haha…but really, thanks for stoppin’ by. I’ll be playin’ around that powder as soon as I caaaan.

    @Vanessa: Thanks a bunch, babes….you know what I want for my brushes, right? I’m savin’ up now!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    I agree, Sunspill looks really nice against your skin. And i love the velcro idea. But I have a feeling my toddler will think its a game and that means more little fingers in my shadow pans – agh!! LOL!

  • RF

    WOW! What an idea I love it.

    I love the name of your blog too – it’s true some of us still have lots to learn