Brow drama & other looks

Sooo, I’m in a pretty bad mood. I went and got my eyebrows waxed…bad mistake.

I told the lady I just wanted to “clean” them up. No arching, no thin brows. I LOATHE thin brows on my face…and of course, what does she do? Takes off so muuuuuch hair from my brows. I burst in tears the second I saw. Yikes!

Some bad things have happened to face. Dermatitis, bad pimples, healing nose ring drama, LA smog induced pimples, swollen eyes, pink eyes in BOTH eyes at the SAME time….I mean, really. I’d rather go through all of those again at the same time than have my brows look like this.

Today was Halloween. Never been into this day. The faculty’s theme was “Pirate” which bummed me because I don’t think pirates are any kind of attractive or fun…but whatev. I put on a shirt, bandanna and some jeans. And of course this gave me the opp to play with make-up. I did….The next look represents how I feel about Halloween overall….I don’t know, it’s just never been my thing. I used:

L’Oreal Gel Liner in Black

Carbon on the lid

The red from MiLady on crease

Vanilla as a highlight

…and my new lashes which I didn’t put on so good. HA!

Speaking of Mi’Lady….which I’m lovin’ to learn, here’s a look I did the other day. I used Artifact Paint Pot as a base.

Now of course my Stud brow pencil doesn’t look that good, but look at how much thicker those brows are. :(

Wait a minute….can we focus on the fabulousness of my skin with that Tech and Fix +? Roomie Joy and I did a 3-step facial thing last night with some fab products and I’m lovin’ how my skin looks. I’m thinking of investing in some MSF. Dark or Deep Dark. I see that MSFs give you better coverage for a more flawless look. Didn’t know that! Thanks Scandalous Beauty.

The pic below was supposed to be on my face to really show off the pirate look, but Joy forgot to paint it on. This girl has some skills with the paintbrush. I’m getting into make-up art, but I could never do this. Hot! Carbon and Rondelle!

So I’ve learned:

1. To only let award winning estheticians touch my face. Seriously. No more quick fixes at nail salons. I need someone who specializes in brows. Either that or learn how to do them myself.

2. Stay away from acrylic.

3. You get what you pay for. $5 brow wax=jacked up brows. Makes sense.

4. Mistakes can lead into new creative ventures (my Mom & her motivational speech).

The End.

  • reno-no-noooo

    ok u know what? your brows do not look that bad. they were never super thick to begin with were they? but still….i feel what you’re saying. having someone take off too much on the brows is the biggest violation if i’ve ever heard one. don’t draw nothing. just get used to your face and in time they won’t look as bad. that pirate eye thing is kinda cute. and i loooove purple and red dots. really cute.

    briiiit, you’ll be fine! it could have been worst. but i guess now you know. i thought you used to get ’em threading anyway. i like going to the indian ladies. they understand the concept of THICK brows and arches.

    never let anyone whose own brows don’t look good, do yours. nuff said.

  • Vanessa

    hi there! how are you? awww thanks for the sweet comment! I love your blog as well! Makeup is quite addicting isn’t it? Yeah I love MAC brushes, but I am not a MAC addict in the sense that it’s the only makeup line I use, I love what other brands offer that MAC doesn’t, and makeup IS expensive so whatever I can shave off helps a lot, so spending money on the entire essence of beauty brush is awesome compared to ONE brush of MAC! haha thanks again for reading and i’ll be sure to stop by too! I will add you to my “daily grind”. :)


  • Anonymous

    Okay, yes,Ima be a friend and say that your eyebrows are jacked up and I would have made a huge scene in the salon and wouldn’t have paid for anything! Was the lady ESOL? Because there might have been a language barrier there where clean up meant clean off, lol. But don’t get depressed over them, instead take it as a learning experience; which you already have. Don’t do any effing thing to them but let them grow al the way out. In the meantime save up money and pay $20 if you must for a eyebrow specialist who doesn’t double as a nail artist/pedicure girl.

    The Mi’Lady is so beautiful. You should have transformed into a Beta Fish with the Mi’Lady for halloween….

    Dany C.

  • Afrodite

    I know you don’t want to hear it but the brows don’t look that bad. Thin, yes but at least they’re even. Girl, I can tell you about some uneven brows!

    Did the esthitician (sp?) do a rush job?

  • Divine Blackness

    I don’t care what anyone says! LOL, they look awful! Yes, of course I went to a nail salon but she understood “no thin brow”. Sooo…ugghhh, I’m over it. Funny thing is, all of the other teachers at work think my brows look amazing. Mind you that I work that at a Hispanic school. Most of their brows are relatively thin. Not a bad thing…just saying. *siiiiigh* I’m still so not over it! I live in LA so now it’s a MUST that I find some reallllly good eyebrow artists only. I’ve learned my lessons. Thanks my sisters for the support.

    Vanessa….you’re absolutely fab!

  • A_Rainha_Baiana

    Girl, I feel your pain in regards to those eyebrows! A few weeks ago I thought I’d save myself some change and get mine done at the Walmart salon–big mistake. They didn’t match, she made me break out really badly. I was thoroughly pissed off.
    Even if they don’t look that bad, it wasn’t what you wanted, and therefore it was unacceptable. I’ve heard that Rogaine and some cotton swabs would be good to get them to grow back in quicker…

    And your eye makeup looks beautiful by the way :-)

  • Nemesis

    Girl, they aren’t horrible…and I have seen horrible. I had the same experience A_Rainha_Baiana had a couple of weeks ago, I had just gotten my brows back to the thickness that I like. And just like that…they were jacked up. I was pissed and I broke out badly. But the worse is that someone messed up my sisters a couple of days before her wedding. I just sent her to the MAC counter and told her what to tell the MAC artist…USE ESPRESSO….you couldn’t even tell that they were jacked….so…your brows will grow back, but you have the skill set with your makeup that no one will ever know that your brows are a mistake….

  • yummy411

    i thought i replied to this… work those makeup skills girl and help them out while they grow back in.. concealer, the 266 and espresso will even things out =) stay positive!

  • Daryl Patrice

    Hey hey hey, sis!!!

    I’m sooo sorry about your eyebrows. I’m sure I woulda cried myself. Well, I’m from Miami, Florida, and there’s this little Asian nail shop (don’t cringe don’t cringe!) that totally HOOKED ME UP for $7! They were perfectly shaped, and still had some thickness. NO STICK-THIN BROWS, HALLELU-JAH! 😀 The place is called NY Nails in the California Club Mall in Miami. If you come down, give ’em a holla! Much luv and more success, girlfriend! <3