Eyelashes Edition & FOTD


And welcome to the Eyelashes for Newbies Edition of Clumps of Mascara. Today I will highlight some of the things that I’ve learned while playing around with mascara. Please keep in mind that a lot of these tidbits may be things you may have already known. Which if that is the case, good for you! This post will simply only assist other newbies stumbling over the hassles of mascara and eyelashes. I’ve got pictures coming up as well as a FOTD, so stay tuned!

Oh yeah…and just to warn you, I’m having some photo re-sizing issues
goin’ on in this post…..please excuse the mess. Trying some new things out!

Ahhh, I’ve always been attracted to the idea of having long long loooong lashes. Only I didn’t quite get that gene. So, I, like many other women have been trying to achieve the look of having long beautiful lashes for many years now. I’m no newbie to mascara itself, but I am a newbie to different concepts/methods.

Now I’m not gonna go on a rant about what mascara is the best. I don’t think there is one, personally. And I’ve tried a lot. Not a lot A LOT, but enough to never really be satisfied. And people swear by DiorShow but it’ll be a cold day in hell before I spend that much money on a mascara. But that’s just me. I only own four right now.

-L’Oreal Luminous
-L’Oreal Telescopic
-MAC Plush Lash
-MAC Fibre Rich

……I’m a big fan of L’Oreal mascaras. And I’ve recently figured out how to get MAC’s Fibre Rich to work for me. Which brings me to my first learned lesson.

(1) It’s okay to use different mascaras at the same time. In the FOTD you will see today, I used Telescopic for my first coat and then Fibre Rich for my next two. I’ve achieved the look that I wanted….which would not have been possible had I used each of them solo.

(2) Tilt your head up when you apply mascara. I’m probably the only person in America who didn’t know this, but I’ve found that tilting my head significantly makes a big difference in my overall application.

(3) Open your mouth when applying mascara. I don’t know….it helps. Can’t explain that phenomenon but it does help.

(4) Using an eyelash curler AFTER applying mascara….not so much a good idea. I’ve heard it works for some people but it rips out my poor lashes. Not a good look.

(5) Brush your eyelashes. I don’t know where I got this from, but I do it religiously now. I use a regular mascara wand (preferably a disposable one) and brush my Vaseline coated eyelashes every night before bed. Why the Vaseline? To add a little moisture. I don’t use a ton….globs of Vaseline floatin’ in the iris ain’t coo. Just enough to where my lashes are slightly moisturized. And then I use the mascara wand and brush up as if I’m applying mascara. Brushing stimulates hair follicles and promote hair growth!

And so there are my 5 tidbits..and now for some pictures!

Here are my funky eyelashes with no mascara.

They start to look a little better with one coat.

And theeeeeen, here we go with 3 coats! Clumps and all….I mean really….where else will you find a blog that showcases MISTAKES? I’m a mess. If you haven’t already noticed.

Okay, here’s my FOTD
I used:

Homemade Honey cleanser
Jojoba Oil
Prep N Prime with foundation brush
Mineralized Skinfinish in Deep Dark (my new BFF)

Bamboom Paint
Woodwinked with Fix+ (with 242SE)
Handwritten on crease/outer V (with Sonia Kashuk blending brush)

MAC’s Bare Truth lipstick
Some frosty NYC lip color

You see the mistakes? YIKES!

Time to have some fun…..




Peace and Christmas music! Check out my Christmas music playlist.

-“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Luther Vandross
-“O’ Holy Night” Celine Dion
-“Jingle Bells” Frank Sinatra
-“The Christmas Song” Nat King Cole
-“This Christmas” Donny Hathaway
-“Joy to the World” Whitney Houston
-“All I Want For Christmas is You” Mariah Carey
-“Silent Night” The Temptations

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    hey great post! i am gonna have to try some of those l’oreal mascaras…i tend to go or maybelline, and while they are OKAY i know i could find better. Also, your FOTD is beautiful AND your skin is lookin mighty lovely miss lady!

    And I dont have NO business gettin anything cum Friday BUUUUTTTT rules are meant to be broken..even those that we set for ourselves [[[okay, okay not really but it makes me feel better]]] lol. I promised myself after this i am not buying ANYTHING else…..EXCEPT drugstore stuff…you know you can’t always pass up those milani shadows!

    Enough of my rambling…like i said GREAT POST =)

  • karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com

    I love your silly pics!

    I just was looking at handwritten today and was brainstorming some ideas with it!

    If you love L’Oreal Mascaras you need to try Voluminous Carbon Black, ASAP. It’s curl power is eh but it’s dark and it thickens and lengthens wonderfully.

  • jass

    ohmigosh you are so pretty, brit! i didnt know you had skills like this!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Nice post! It so funny how you say to tilt your head and open your mouth because I do that.

    I LOVE L’Oreal Mascaras. I agree with you too, I would never shell out that much for a brand name mascara, at least not more expensive than MACs. But at this point, I thin I will be sticking with L’Oreal. Do you use a base for your mascaras?

  • yummy411

    hey b! super fab post! i agree with karen, you’ve gotta try loreal voluminous carbon. after finding this mascara, i stop falling for all the hype with other mascaras and running out to buy the new and latest.. okay except i went to buy the lashblast by covergirl. i love how you (we can) learn so much on your own! yes two mascaras are better than one. i used to use one for volume and another for definition.. before finding voluminous ..hehehe, now i’m lazy.

    girl clumps aren’t so bad, it fakes volume. now i don’t walk around looking nasty and black gook eyed, just my lashes aren’t super perfect.. i want volume, black, richness people! lol

    lastly, my tip (that i actually think i got from karen’s blog) chunk at the base of the lash and then add mascara to the tips. (i usually do this after one slight coat from lash to tip) =))) okay, that’s all for now! LOL

  • Afrodite

    Okay, I totally LOL’d when I saw that first picture. That one eye had me dead. Moving on…

    Have you ever tried using a primer on the lashes before putting the mascara on?

    This one girl at my job swears by it. I’ve never tried though.

  • Emily

    Hi! I love your blog :)
    I was wondering, do you put mascara on the bottom lashes? I’ve always wondered this lol :DD And never really knew. Thanks!

  • Lynn

    hi! i've recently discovered you're blog, and its one of my fav make-up blogs, this really helped me with applying mascara, keep up the good work!