Flowa Powa!

Just did a quick flower look. Drop ya thoughts!

I used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):

Chartreuse pigment
Fuschia pigment
Violet pigment
Blitz & Glitz fluid line
L’Oreal HIP Black Cream Eyeliner
Mattene Rapturous lipstick
MAC in 3D’s Wondershine
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

This is how my 4th grade girls greet me!

And because I love graphic design
(another hidden obsession).

…..damn look at those bumps all over my face. They came out of nowhere. I’m gonna keep blamin’ LA smog ’til the day I die. My face didn’t even look this bad during puberty!

Look what my students bought me!
Lil’ jokas don’t fool me. They still drive me nuts!

They know Ms. Thomas loves her some Hello Kitty. Just showin’ my quick “ain’t had nothin’ else to do” look. Took me 10 quick minutes.

Notice how you don’t see my brows in any of those pics. I’m still in depressive mode over that unfortunate wax incident. And I really can’t draw them on. I’ve tried. It looks a mess….. That’s one department in the make-up world that I just don’t think I can master. I really have tried.

And another thing, Blogger sucks…like major. I don’t know why my pictures can’t be seen on a larger scale when you click on them. When I play around with HTML to make them larger, they end up looking all pixelated. Does anyone know how to make Blogger pictures bigger? Heeeelp!

Peace and primer.

EDIT: Thanks Tee….PhotoBucket-ing EVERY picture ain’t fun. But at least yall can get a better view. Yessss!

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    you dont have to know how to draw eyebrows cuz your creative enough as it is! lol. but 10 minutes? seriously? I would have had liquid liner from one side of my eyeball to my ear [lol] great job. i just did a “nothin else to do look” too! My very first FOTD! Check it out and tell me what you think! Also, any pointers as to how a good makeup photo should be taken is greatly appreciated!



  • Tee

    Ms. Thomas!
    Glad I could assist in the picture department. Although now your photos are HUGE! Funny. But it looks better than the teeny tiny photos. I think this is a GREAT look. Defintely fun. Am I crazy for thinking you should actually walk around with this design? I really like it. Now go to bed, hun. It’s late and you got kids to tame for 10 hours tomorrow. Peace.

  • Afrodite

    I’m not feeling the eye shodows all the way. Something is throwingit off. I think it’s the fuschia but that violet is gorgeous!

    Lol @ the LA smog-induced pimples. That smog doesn’t play around. My friends and I were out in LA this summer and my skin didn’t break out but I was wheezing like a full-blown asthematic!

  • LovelyBella

    The pictures are cute, love! I’m going to have to tell you about another program for photo editing. I know you’ll put it to good use. You are indeed the ~creative~ twin.
    But I love the pictures.. I’m going to post some later of me trying…

    It should be funny! Talk to you soon.

  • yummy411

    that last pic i think in sepia looks so beautiful! great makeup!

  • Divine Blackness

    :: Alyssia, I hit cha up on your blog, mamas. Like SEVERAL times so check out your entries.

    :: Tee, I would probably walk around with that design. Certainly would. That’s an idea.

    :: AFRO: Not diggin’ the other colors? Ehhh…just somethin’ I threw together. Not sure if they go together all the way. Damn, I love your honesty! Give me more!

    :: LovelyBella, Post pics! And ASAP, ma’am. Remember you introduced me to Picasa!

    :: Yums, Thanks! Your opinion so means a lot. Your approval means I’m doin’ somethin’ right. Heyyy!!

  • Talysha

    I love the last photo… it looks great. The colors look great too. Nice to see someone apply liquid liner and not make it look tacky. :) Your designs and technique is awesome. Oh and I just bought MAC 3D lipglass in Wondershine… heavenly! My boyfriend loved it on me too… so it’s all good. :)