I’m sick.

So I haven’t updated or checked out anyone’s blogs because…..I have the flu. Ugh, it’s awful!! I’m still working (which probably isn’t the smartest thing, but I have to) and work from 7:30am-6pm….I take a shower, eat something and hit the bed by 8am. Not a minute later.

So don’t think that I’ve forgotten about any of you. Typin’ this quick message during my lunch break (which really ain’t a break because students keep harassing me!)……gotta go.

Peace and blessings.

  • Stephie

    aww, i hope you feel better dear! that reminds me that i have to get my flu shot. get well soon!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    being sick sucks. i was sick last week. plenty if rest and clear fluids :) hope you feel better. get well sweetie.

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    sucks is an understatement! feel better ma-ma!!!!!

  • reno-no-no00

    awww sug. i’m gonna pretend that you meant to type “8pm”. i know how much you hate when i correct you. haha! i hope you get better! you need to! you’ll be in nyc this time next week! love ya!

  • Danyelle

    Awww Britt….Make sure youre drinking plenty of fluids and get as much rest as you can at night. Try some zinc lozenges and “Acute Cold and Flu Formula(ACF)” from your health food store. The ACF tastes like menthol and wheat grass, YUCK!, but it works for me. The Zinc lozenges should help with the symptoms from the flu. Please, please, make sure you wash your hands constantly (thats how the flu and other deathly microorganisms get spreaded, esp. MRSA & FECES!) and sneeze on the inside of your elbow so you don’t give it to the kiddies. And next year, get the FLU SHOT!I hope you feel better girlie…..

  • yummy411

    get well soon! *flowers*

    …and don’t get the babies sick, making their mommas rush them to the ER (sorry, i’m a mom) LOL