Lip stuffs

I’ve never been too fascinated with lip colors. I’ve always worn the same soft colors. And cheap brands too…NYC has always been one of my favs. But now I am slowly getting into creating a more diverse lip color collection. Similar to how I have a diverse eyeshadow collection.

And today I woke up and was realllly craving a “different” color. I viewed my lippies only to see that I didn’t have anything fun, yet subtle yet noticing yet business-like. So I pulled out my Pink Mauved pigment. This is actually a really pretty pigment color that I hadn’t used since doing my Halloween Mask. In fact, I very rarely play with pigments….a bit too messy for a klutz like myself. But I do enjoy collecting them.

So I figured I would play around with Pink Mauved on the lips and this is what I came up with.

Sooooo….it pretty much looks like Barbie Doll pink but I kinda like it. That is until I went outside and later checked myself in the mirror. I wiped it off with the quickness. Has anyone else ever had a case of “Oh….but it looked good at home”? This happens to me allll the time. I think I need to invest in better lighting. A mirror that lights up, perhaps?

So that little fluke has inspired me to cop some new lip stuffs. I know I’m on make-up probation from MAC (which now I’m thinking is crazy with the Stylistics out and all) but I’m really diggin’ Finery’s plum lips.

Maybe I should just buy it and get it over with. And maybe I’ll only purchase 1-2 items from Stylistics. Yeah….that should work. Right? Right? Bills first. I gotta stop this buying thing because it’s not like I have the extra money to spend on make-up. I really don’t. So yeah….I’m goin’ to the PRO store on Saturday and only spending under $50. And that should last me until Christmas.

Okay….there. Glad I settled that. And glad I’m not into Metal X. I got oily lids and ain’t tryna experiment with bases to figure out what works. Plus I have good purples, greens and blues. But 6th Sin is pretty. Uggghhh, help!!

Let’s digress.

I like Pink Mauved despite the fact it didn’t work well on the lips. But did it and Ruby Red really have to commit suicide?

Yall know that just ain’t right. I’m upset. Ohhh wellll…guess I gotta order more pigment samples from my girl, Cheryl. *siiiiigh* Anyone wanna suggest some MAC and non-MAC lip colors? And I suppose I need to get hip to lip pencils too.

Probation? What probation?

Peace and Finery

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    yeah im not big on color as i have stated over at my blog! but im tryna to experiment…i usually tend to stick with sheer lip glosses/glasses. i think the plum lips set would look gorgeous on u!

    Oh.. and a quick ?… you know im new to blogger, but how do you insert your links with putting the actual http:// blah blah…. like when you put the link to your halloween post? help! :)

  • Mrs. Lynne

    *GASP* oh no!!! That same dip in you heart is how I felt about Mi’Lady when she decided to go head first off my bathroom sink :( I’m still mourning.

  • yummy411

    aww makeup deaths are hard.. a moment of silence.

    okkkkayyy so.. tonite i saw the hottest party lipcolor applied on a fab brown chica.. you ready? All About Me by Milani, a Glitzy Gloss.. it’s so funky and holiday red… party-ready! it was applied with an iman brown-ish liner. gosh i can’t remember the name!) i can’t wait to get to cvs and play. buy one, get the second half off!

    I love the lip swatches! I’ve been thinking of doing a blush swatch section.. aaahhh since they are soem of my fav combos =)

  • Anonymous

    DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!!!(Florida Evans style)
    That’s what I said when my tilt fell off the counter rolled out the bathroom and down the steps. Luckily the lid was closed.
    I have one lipstick that I wear which is oak. Everything else is lip balm or clear gloss. I’m scared I just won’t wear them cause I know I’m going to eat or lick it off anyway 😛

  • Vanessa

    awww sorry about your eyeshadow…I hate when that happens! Literally makes me cry! As for the Metal-X eyeshadows I think people can generally skip it, simply because I would use it for a base and since most of the colors are in powdered eyeshadow form, there’s no real need to get a cream version only to have it crease.

    For example pure ore to me is similar to gold mine, goldspice is similar to amber lights, etc…I bought mine and I still have yet to do a look with em :(

  • Vanessa

    Girrrrrrrrrrrlll! You worked at Walgreens??!!! I would have been there everyday where you worked so we can shop together! 😉

    We need to definitely hit up the PRO store! I NEED more things (like how I said “need”?) haha, let me know how you like the stylistics!

  • Afrodite

    Yeah, I’ve have that happen before. Especially when I use any shadows that have a lot of color. Like, at the house it’s will look beautiful and I’ll leave the house and get to school/work and I’ll look like a goddamn clown!

    As far as other brands for lip color. I really like L’oreal, I think they’re called Lip Pigments…I think.I do have one of Sephora’s lip gloss but it doesn’t stay on long enough. And last but not least Lips Buxom by Bare Escentuals. I have it in “Bambi”. It’s a soft, sheer pink color. It’s a lip plumping formula so don’t let the tingling scare you. Hope that helps.

    P.S. Everytime I read your blog, I always want to rush out to the MAC store. Dammit, woman!

  • karen,

    OHHH! I love that Barbie Doll pink on you! Don’t wipe that off next time! :)