Reviews and my Top 10!

So I decided to do some quick reviews on my newest products. I still consider myself a newbie in the make-up business. There are so many things I don’t know! But I’m learning….can’t believe how far I’ve come. Yay me! So, I feel a bit juvenile having just been introduced to some of these products but heyyy…..I’m getttin’ there! So first up…..

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural

Overall Rating: 5
Price: 4
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again? Yes!

So I just purchased my first MSF and I absolutely love it! I really owe Scandalous Beauty a ton of love because it was that site that got me into even considering purchasing this product. Because I’m NW45, I have to use Deep Dark and it really sets my make-up and gives me such a nice….finish. I am very impressed with this product. Find out more about it here.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Overall Rating: 2
Price: 2
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again?
Probably not. I’m a bit disappointed in this. The innumerable amount of raves from Specktralites convinced me to purchase this $18 curler. I didn’t give it a “1” because at least it doesn’t crimp my lashes like other curlers do. But it doesn’t seem to do much at all. Not for me, at least. Find out more about this product here.

MAC’s Strobe Cream

Overall Rating: 2

Price: 1
Packaging Quality: 1

Would you buy this product again? No way!
Being that I’m new to smog-filled LA, I’ve been looking for a reallly good moisturizer. Something that not only protects my skin, but keeps it feeling moisturized and conditioned. I thought Strobe Cream would do the trick, but I think not. For one, it’s too expensive! $29.50 and I only get a 1.7oz? That’s awful. Aside from the packaging, I don’t think this product is made for darker skin tones. It contains an opaque “pearly” pigment stuff that is supposed to make your face shine…as if a strobe light is on your face. Didn’t do that for me. Instead, I ended up looking like I had white shimmery residue on my face. Not a good look. And I made sure that I used a little, but then my face was left too dry. And when I used too much, I ended up with a white face. I hated it. Back to my jojoba oil by day and cocoa butter by night! Find out more about this product here.

MAC’s Green Gel Cleanser

Overall Rating: 4
Price: 3
Packaging Quality: 4

Would you buy this product again? Sure. Why not?
I was initially introduced to this product via sample. It was good enough for me to purchase. I like it. I use it in the morning and it realllly gets my dry skin nice and moisturized. I exfoliate every night and this cleanser seems to replenish my skin and give it back some of that moisture that was lost during exfoliation. If I came across something better, I’d go to it, but for right now the Green Gel Cleanser is doing the job. Find out more about this product here.

Aveeno’s Positively Ageless Rejuvenating Serum

Overall Rating: 3
Price: 3
Packaging Quality: 3

Would you buy this product again? Maybe.
Hidden fact: I’m a bit obsessed with fighting wrinkles and other “old age” lines that tend to plague our faces when we reach our “mature” ages. I’m only 22, but I strongly believe in taking care of my skin now so I can look 30 when I’m 80. LOL….I received this as a sample and it’s just “okay”. I love the way it smells and how light it feels on my face. It says that it can be used under a moisturizer, which I think is pretty cool. I use it under my eyes and on my forehead just because I know that’s where wrinkles first start. I’m going on my 2nd week using it and ehhh….it’s okay. Haven’t seen too many results yet, but then again I don’t have any wrinkles, so what exactly am I looking for? HA! I like it though. I’d give it a chance again. Find out more about this product here.

So that’s it for now….I hope I’ve given some of you other newbies (or pros) some good ideas….or recs. If you have some, please share! Especially in the department of skincare! Matter fact, before I peace out, I’ll drop my top 10 gotta get before ’08 comes list:

(1) A kabuki brush
(2) A good eye cream serum
(3) A foundation primer (looking at Smashbox’s )
(4) A good eyelash curler (looking at Shiseido’s)
(5) An everyday blush (looking at NARS’ Outlaw)
(6) Always looking for good mascaras.
(7) MAC’s 187 foundation brush or something close to it.
(8) Benefit’s Brow Zing
(9) A subtle but nice everyday lip color
(10) The perfect neutral eye combination.

….hopefully I can snag at least half of that list before ’08 rolls around. Give me some of your tips of favorite products!

Peace and kabukis!

  • Afrodite

    I’m glasd I’m not the only one keeping an eye on wrinkles.

    I stay using my Oil of Olay…

  • yummy411

    great reviews!
    msf natural was the first foundation powder sold to me in less than a minute. i’m the low maintenance, low coverage type of gal so it worked…. and i already had owned a kabuki brush to apply it with… i was breaking through in makeup! i use that primarily.

    strobe cream- i returned my bottle because i couldn’t see the pearlescent glimmers in it, which i wanted to see for a light glow. sometimes i wonder how it would fare now under my msf natural.

    i would love to try the green gel cleanser, but i’m such a drugstore whore that that’s where all of my stuff comes from. otherwise i would fall off the deep in with some lancome skincare =/

    i learned that we aren’t supposed to exfoliate everyday, which i was doing faithfully trying to make up for all of the stuff i wear on my face (even though i was using the microfine daily exfoliator). we are removing a layer of skin from our face when we do, which isn’t healthy every day. dry and normal skin type exfoliates once a week or less, oily skin type exfoliates twice a week. i’m still experimenting with this theory that i learned, so i’ll let you know what i think.

  • yummy411

    oh yeh, you don’t see any immediate results with the anti aging stuff.. you have to wait until you are 40-80 to know the results! LOL

  • Divine Blackness

    @ AFRO: Girl yeah….I know Black don’t crack, but still..

    @ Yums: Ohhh, don’t even talk about Lancome! I’m still shocked at myself for going outside of the drug store for my cleanser too. Usually I’m a St. Ives and Aveeno (or homemade concoctions) kinda girl.

    Hmmm….uh oh. Maybe I’m exfoilating too much. I’m not sure what else I should use at night then. Keep me updated on your experiments/research. Pllllease!

  • Seattle Slim

    I like the concept of your blog!!! Would you mind emailing me so I can add you to my blogroll?!

  • alyssia

    Hey girlie,

    im a new reader and i luuvvvv your blog! As a fellow brown girl its good to see someone in the same predicament as me! I too just got into makeup abbooouuutttt 6 months ago and i find myself thinking about it a little TOO much [lol]

    but your doing a great job! also, have you tried mineral makeup? i luv luv it! i have everyday minerals and it works wonders on my combination skin! you should try it! also….from a few days ago! please do not stress over the brows! your still gorgeous!


  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    hey this is Alyssia AGAIN lol….just wanted to let you know that I’m creating a blog so come over an “see me”!

    Also, I added you to my faves..hope its okay with you!



  • LovelyBella

    Hey dear!

    I know a little about the Strobe Cream. I actually liked it, but I’m not too sure if I can see myself spending so much on a moisturizer. I actually couldn’t… let me stop playing!! I’m currently using Oil of Olay, but I need something else… the cold is coming, and my skin is dry as a saltine cracker. LOL.. if that makes any sense to you.

    So let me know what you recommend.

  • reno-no-noooo

    thanks for the reviews, chica! are you working on some new projects? enlighten us!

  • FeiFei

    😀 Thanks for reviewing the natural MSF. I’ve been on the fence about it, but I think I’ll give it a shot! Btw, what kind of brush do you use to apply?

  • Divine Blackness

    @ Seattle Slim: Thanks for stoppin’ by! I’ve sent you an email.

    @Allysia: We’ve linked. Yay! Glad you got your blog on an’ poppin’! I have not tried mineral but make-up but I’ve heard nothin but great things about it…I may need to check it out. Thanks for the compliment. You’re fab!

    @LovelyBella: Hey twin….remind me to link you up to a blog that has done some great reviews on moisturizers for the winter days. I know the ATL wind is kickin’ over there. The boo said he is freezin’!

    Reno: You’re such a stalker! I love you! No ma! I ain’t got no new projects/looks in the work. I’m tryna master these brows. I was thinking about playing in yellow shadows again so stay tuned!

    FeiFei: Hiiii! Uhh, don’t laugh but I’m currently using a Sonia Kashuk (a cheaper but fab brush!) blush brush to apply my MSF. Which isn’t necessarily bad but I could be using something better. Like….a kabuki. I am currently in the market for one. Essence of Beauty (another fab drug store brand) has a decent one….the bristles are a bit harsh, but it’s decent. I may hit up on that before I invest on something more expensive. Thanks for stopping by!