Saturday Madness….

Today was a pretty decent productive day. I went to the Fashion District, East Los Angeles with one of my BFFs and of course we went to the mall. The mall was all decorated with Christmas stuffs and I was like….”Awwww!” Ever since I was a kid, I have adored the holiday season. Spending it a different city and different state with very few familiar faces is a bit hard, but I am slowly getting more into the spirit.

Ran through CVS before goin’ to Downtown and East Los Angeles and had a field day. I keep forgetting how much I love drugstores. I checked out L’Oreal mascaras (I was gonna get the newest one in the green tube but I gotta check out reviews on that first)…..ran over to Milani, NYC, Beauty of Essence brushes, CoverGirl stuffs and ended up at the candy aisle dopin’ up on sugary sweets.

Here’s my haul:

….my NYC lippie isn’t showing. And I know that neon orange isn’t even in style but I love crazy colors like that. More so for my toes. And I went to a MAC counter and got the Prep & Prime for the face. I hope it works! I promise that will be my last MAC purchase for awhile. I need to save money if I plan on going home for the holidays. I haven’t even booked a flight! Yikes!

Oh….as I promised…’s how the brows are lookin’ these days:

You see how much hair I have growing back? And I know I may have been exaggerating a bit but I think this picture shows just how much she took off. Look how thick my brows are SUPPOSED to be. HA, crazy, right?

….and they make me look like I’m surprised. Here I am making more a normal face but the brows make me look like I’m like, SHOCKED or somethin’. I hate that! LOL!

And they almost look nonexistent here….

Ayyy…..Imma be aight, I suppose. I’m really not worried about them anymore. Tis it for now! Back to watching “Waiting to Exhale” for the 39,483rd time. I should be out on a date or partyin’ it up with friends but I am a truly an old woman with no funds and livin’ in a foreign city. Ain’t that just fab?

Peace and vegetarianism!

  • Stephie

    awww poor girl… your brows don’t look bad though :) i hate it when the people wax off too much. i have a bald spot that still is trying to grow back!

    gosh i miss LA so much!!!! in any case, your haul looks great.

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    i agree….grrreat haul! im think about buying a foundation brush (eob of course) but i dunno im broke right now! i need every penny for my new place…I have a ridiculous wishlist though…and with the new mac collection at the end of month SHEESH! what to do? glad to see ur brows are comin back AND that your feeling better about them…we all make mistakes! all you can do is learn from em!

    Great Post! :)

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Hey girl. I know what it’s like to be in a “different city and different state with very few familiar faces”. I’m from CA but have been living in HI for almost 2 years now.

    Funny thing how we always got some issue going on with our brows, lol. I was “in the process” of growing mine out to start fresh and reshape them then found myself trimming and plucking.

    And nice haul. You’ve got to let me know what you’re take is on the Prep + Prime.

  • Nemesis

    See..they’re growing back and when I went and got mine done the other day I was thinking about you..praying hard…lol…what are you using in your hair it looks good..and what lipgloss/lipstick are you wearing in the second pic…im looking for a nice nude color…thx

  • Seattle Slim

    Awww damn stupid blogger erased what I said. Anyway they don’t look that bad. They certainly look better than mine! 😉

  • yummy411

    great haul and you look beautiful!!

  • Afrodite

    Lmao @ looking surprised! Yeah, now that I see how thick your eyebrows are supposed to be I see the “damage” the esthitician(sp?) did.

    I’m loving the hair!