’07 Beauty Reflections

…and since I’m one of those semi-vain people
who celebrate their birthday like it’s a national holiday

TO ME!!!

It’s on the 2nd but I observe it from at least New Year’s Eve ’til around January 7th. I know, I know….who do I think I am? I’m big on birthdays and believe that if ain’t nobody else gonna make a big deal about it, I damn sure will! So have yourself a slice of my vegan cake. I, promise, it’s good. And I hope you aren’t not one of those “OMG, I can’t have a piece of cake because it has like too many calories in it” people because that’s just annoying. Eat it! HA!

I still haven’t made it Tampa/Orlando/Miami. My lazy A. I leave tomorrow. Fo real this time. And like my blog sistas Vanessa, Karen and Yummy, I have decided to reflect on this year of beauty.

As most of you know….I am a newbie to the make-up world. Hence the title of my blog. I didn’t get heavy into make-up until about June 2007. 90% of my products are 6 months old. Brushes included. I am a PROUD newbie. I don’t feel bad for for just figuring out what tightlining is or for having no clue how to put on fale lashes. I’m learning each and everday. My top 10 newbie lessons of 2007 would beeeeee….

  • Work on your own pace. And stop comparing your skills to someone else’s. We all had to start somewhere.
  • Great cosmetics can be found anywhere….and for cheap (Walgreens Buy 1, Get 1 Free, okayyyyy!!!).
  • Feeling like you HAVE to wear make-up everyday is, well…a problem.
  • Don’t fix what ain’t broke (leave my brows alone!). And my skin. No foundation is fine.
  • Celebrate being a beautiful Black woman by wearing something other than Burgundy lipstick.
  • Ask ask ask ask ask questions…and not just at counters/stores. Sometimes they are just trying to sell you a product. Get the truth from make-up gurus (Specktra).
  • Love myself make-up less and naked (TMI, I know but I had to say it).
  • Don’t feel bad for being addicted to make-up. It’s a fun and creative hobby.
  • Prevent impulse buying by researching and checking out swatches.
  • Create a portfolio for fun. Because even if I loose interest in make-up, at least I’ll have something to show for it.

I’m sure most of you know these things already but they are definitely most 10 most important lessons. 2008 will bring such greatness for me. I can feel it. The same way I felt it for ’07.

My biggest anticipation for ’08? Not grad school, home owning or locin’ up my hair but the Fafi Collection!!!

Don’t give me that cyber-look. You know you waitin’ on it too. Peace my loves and Happppppy New Yeeeeear!!!

[pics courtesy of maxrev.de & leehansen.com]

  • Anonymous

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Honey! Haha I’m the first one to get to wish you a happy birthday in comments!! Hope you have a blast dear.

  • yummy411

    happy early bday brit!!!!
    that was an awesome list for newbies or not.
    omg! i love you for keeping it real and all the way makeup… FAFI in the ’08! i’m waiting on it too.. FAFI and Heatherette!
    i mean it when i said connecting with other beauty bloggers has been so much fun. thanks for being a big part of that! keep up the great job with the blog! myself and so many others love your approach to makeup and following your journey. let’s bat our mascara-ed lashes and pucker our glossed lips and kiss 07 goodbye!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Great reflection post hun and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’ll admit it, I am too waiting on Fafi.

    Anyhow, have a fantastic New Year and we’ll see ya in ’08 :)

  • Afrodite

    Dead @ Celebrate being a beautiful Black woman by wearing something other than Burgundy lipstick.

    Girl, whatchu know about some burgandy lipstick?!? We wore out some burgandy lipstick but yeh, I feel you. I’m just now really getting into bright vibrant colors (eyeshadows and such). They look so beautiful against brown skin.

  • karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com

    Hey sweetie, Happy New Year! I loved reading your resolutions. And I’m so with you with “Don’t fix what ain’t broke,” oy, that’s been a life long lesson in the making.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now slice me some cake!

  • Anne

    hahahahaha. i’m with you on the Fafi collection.

  • Jessica

    Happy New Year – You’re vegan – Virtual high five. One of my non-beauty resolutions to to cut down on my dairy and egg consumption, although it is already fairly low.

  • Vanessa

    Happy Birthday Beautiful! If we ever go to the MAC Pro store ill buy you a birthday present! :)

    And me too, I have to seriously control my “impulse” buying….argh cheers to the new year!

  • K.Victoria

    Happy Birthday Darling!!
    I have to make sure I hit you up in all places on the net.

  • Izar

    Happy Birthday! Mine is on the 2nd too, only in April.

    I totally agree with you on the “Don’t fix what ain’t broke” part: I only recently learned that there’s nothing wrong with my wavy hair. Until then I would sick my straightener on it after every wash.

    I also wish you a very happy year 2008! I hope we’ll both learn lots of new things about make-up. :-)

  • butterfly

    happy birthday luv!!!!!

    here’s to a fab (mac filled!) year….

  • NeverLoseFaith

    Happy belated birthday!!! but since you celebrate it until the 7th, I hope you had/will have a wonderful time & be safe =)

  • ✞ANGELA✞

    Happy Birthday~

  • Anonymous

    hey i'm just wondering, i know that make up is fun and all, but what if people just tell you that you look better without makeup? does that mean it's bad for me to wear makeup for special occasions?

  • B

    I've heard this before and when people say it, I don't think they mean to insult you. What it means is you are already an attractive person and that make-up isn't necessary. I think this is the case for any woman! Wearing make-up on special occasions, in my opinion, is okay. Make-up is an accessory. It's not necessary but it's fun to play around with and wear. :)