A Big Post!

Christmas is over and I almost dropped a tear. I love this time of year and this was one of my favorite Christmases. I may have spent $70 on gifts for 6 family members. I didn’t go broke for the first time ever and I am extremely happy about that.

I haven’t really played much in my Christmas haul. Except messin‘ around with the Prep-N-Prime mascara. [NOTE: I have belongings in 3 different locations—my Mom’s house in North Florida, a storage room in Central Florida and a room in Los Angeles] I have to be careful because along the way, things get lost. So I can’t really enjoy my haul until my items are packed away and are sitting at a DEFINITE location. Have I mentioned that I’ve moved a total of 9 times since 2003? Yikes! That’s about 8 different beds. I stay moving.

Anywayyyy, I played with greens the other day.

I used:
Bamboom Paint
Vanilla pigment

I try and keep it really simple. I’m getting lazy in eye make-up. I never want to spend more than 10 minutes on it. And the fewer products I can use, the better. My lazy ass. So sad.

Here at Clumps I am always trying to share my learnings and attempted perfections with yall. My newest one is using MAC’s Fluidlines. I’ve been using the 266 brush forever. And I’ve always liked it. But the smoothness of my lines on my lower lash line have been somewhat jagged. So I did some experimenting.

266 vs 209 (SE)
The angled brush versus the fine point brush.
The 209 wins!! I get a much smoother line when I use this brush…it takes a bit longer to apply but it is easier to go over mistakes because of the brush’s fine point.

A vast improvement for me. So I’m thinkin‘ if you’re like me and are having madd issues with applying the Fluidline, check the brush that you are using. And keep practicinbecause this is one of those things that takes hella practice to get perfect.

And lastly I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to check out those pretty Shimmer Brick Compacts but ended up getting caught up in skincare products. Uh oh! My skin is just now returning from Pimple-Ville USA. I think it’s safe to say that it was MAC face products that turned my normally good skin south. Could’ve been the Prep-N-Prime or Green Cleanser or StudioFix or Mineralized Skinfinish. I don’t know but since I’ve discontined using them, my skin has improved. I’ll take pics to prove.

Anyway….after asking the arists about finding a light foundation coverage item, one of the ladies used their tinted moisturizer and eye concealer on me.

Def not feeling the under the eye action. Even though I look “brighter”. And why in the hell are my pores so large? But the coverage is nice and light and easy to put on. So I purchased it. I’ll do a review on that later as well.

I’ve said enough loves…off to Orlando/Tampa/Miami to visit friends/fam. So I won’t be updating too often. If I miss it, have a happy New Year’s!!!

Peace and Fafi!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    The greens look so gorgeous on you and what a lovely job on blending my dear. And I have to say that you have definitely found your knack at fluidline.

    What concealer did they use for your undereyes? I think it does brighten up your eye area but in a good way. Very natural look and not overdone at all.

    Have fun on your ventures. Take care of yourself and holla’ when you get back :) Happy New Years girl!

  • Vanessa

    Have a safe trip!

  • MakeupByRenRen

    I love the green look on you…I think it suits you really nicely..I like how you don’t use a lot of products too…back in the day my makeup took me 10 minutes tops, now that i’m obsessed with makeup i’m like at 40 minutes, sighhhh…and my skin has been acting up too! lil bumps everywhere…it wasn’t like this in october before I started wearing so much makeup..uh ohhhh, help!

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks good. The tinted foundation and all. What color is the tinted foundation? because I always wanted to try it but didnt think it would give enough coverage seeing that I am a MAC NW45 Studio Fix.

  • Trecia

    The green sure is pretty. I love the natural look. Gurl you are So pretty!!!

  • twinkle twinkle

    I really like that look. Very clean and subtle, and I love green. I hear what you are saying about MAC face products. I don’t trust any of those foundations. I will use the MSF Natural, Blot Powder, and Mystery Powder, but not the Studio Tech or Fix, and DEFINITELY not those liquid concoctions they call foundation. And do check out the Shape & Sculpt duos, you’ll be pleased.

  • K.Victoria

    I think that you are really glowing in alot of these pictures… esp the last one.
    I’m glad you had a great Christmas season.

    We all have so many things to be thankful for.

  • butterfly

    i’ve been using the 266 se but i think i’m gonna try the 209 cos the 266 is kinda harsh! lol

    have a safe trip! happy new year…

  • Seattle Slim

    I agree with Mrs. Lynne the green looked fierce on you! I’ll have to save this post because me and liner do NOT get along.

  • yummy411

    that green eye is the hotness b!

  • Afrodite

    Your skin looks gorgeous! It cleared up hella fast.

  • n

    Wow green is definitely your color!