Merry Christmas, beauties!!!

The only reason I have time to post is because everyone is asleep. Because I’m a divorcee child, I have to spend Christmas at 2 separate houses. Which is fun because I get 2 Christmases but then again it sucks because you HAVE to spend equal time with everyone or else one household gets all “funny actin”. Trust me….

I got some goooood make-up stuffs. It started with the 187.

I knew I was getting this. Moms called me yesterday and asked me which brush I wanted. Too bad I don’t use face make-up right now but when I do I got this beautiful brush!! Yesss….

And then I went over to my Dad’s and look what I got:

Daaaang…..I know. I was shocked. It all came in a cute little traincase. My step-Mom didn’t know what to get. So she said. But how she knew I wanted the 182 brush is beyond me. So I got:

182 brush
187 brush
Heirlooms Eye brushes
Viva Glam VI lipglass
Finery Tan lip palette
Royal Assets cool eyes
MAC wipes
MAC Eye make-up remover
Engraved Powerpoint Pencil
Curiositease Plushglass set
Curiositease Cool lipstick set
Prep N Prime mascara
Zoom lash mascara

Gotta love puttin’ the buzz in my 9-year old sister’s ear. I did that last year and ended up with the Coach purse I wanted.

And speaking of Coach purses:

I love them. I got this cute little make-up bag and another Coach purse that I wanted. I seriously want for nothing else. Not even in the MAC world. I’m even thinking about returning some of the ish I got from The Originals collection. Which reminds me….I also got some pretty Bobbi Brown shadows that I left at my Dad’s.

Yayaya…I’m excited. Goin’ to Prescriptives tomorrow to check out their foundations. My face is 100% better. Now it’s time to get some decent coverage. Yaaay!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. GOD is so good. Seriously. I don’t know everyone’s faith but I just have to brag about my GOD because He is a great one! I love you, beauty bloggers!! I’ll do a quick blog roll and then I might take my butt to bed.

Peace and 24 hours of The Christmas Story on TBS!

  • nilla cookie

    Merry Christmas!

    Great gifts you got this year!! I know you’ll be creating awesome looks with your goodies :)

    I’m thinking about checking out Prescriptives custom blend foundation too. Let us know what you think about it :)

  • Anonymous

    *drools* Can we say FABULOUS!!!!

  • karen,

    Merry Christmas, dear! Have fun with your loot…that 182 brush is the BEST!

  • Afrodite

    Oh my god! I’m so jelly. I hope you had a great Christ,as. I’m a Scrooge so I’m glad it’s over.

  • Danyelle

    Yay!! I’m so happy for you and you are truly blessed. Can’t wait to see some FOTD’s with the new stuff.

    –Oh yeah, heard about the “Jesus” guy at church,lol, you must tell me more…holla

  • Mrs. Lynne

    I’d like to get adopted please :) LOL.

    Anyhow, Merry Christmas love. Definitely looks like you were a very good girl this year. OOoohh, and save the container your 182 came in. I will post a simple DIY to keep your 182 safe :) I freaking love that brush.

  • Vanessa

    Dang girl! You got some awesome loot! I wish I had your parents haha, next Christmas I am spending it at YOUR place! LOL, nice!

    Merry Christmas beautiful! :)


  • butterfly

    *drooling* dang ma u are so lucky!!!! i’m so jealous :)!!!!!! hope u had a fab chistmas!!!

  • yummy411

    merry christmas!!!! wow what a great gift!!! God is good all the time!! and all the time…. (i hear you filling in the blanks girl!)

    i’m so happy for you! can’t wait to see the fotd’s from all of your goodies!

  • MaCherieCoco

    Makeup and Coach bags?! >>faints<<

  • MakeupByRenRen

    wowzers! great gift…all in a train case, you got hooked up girl! lol…can’t wait to see some new looks…i’m glad your skin is better :) mine is freaking out from allergic reactions to my parent’s dog over x-mas break…sighhh…wish me luck

  • Vanessa

    Haha yeah I have a 10 year old sister and I feel you! OMG I was laughing when I read your comment because I can relate, people either think she is my daughter or what the heck, you are 26 and she is 10???? HAHA what can I say, my parents are young, my mom had me at 19 so you can imagine….

    Nice to know we have something in common! And yes when you get back we need to make our way to the PRO store here in LA!

  • Lani

    merry belated xmas my sweets! wow look at your loot!! i’m glad you got what you wished for. :) i know i haven’t updated in a while but i thought i’d stop by to send you my love. and yes, let’s see some FOTDs. i’ve been waiting. :) girl, have fun with your 187. it works WONDERS! and damn i really want the 182 now. let me know how great it is and we’ll see if i’ll cave. oh and i feel u on parrot. i didn’t get it either. i really don’t know why it had such celebrity status, it wasn’t even A-list LOL. so yeah i didn’t get anything from the originals. wasn’t ‘wowed’. well anyway, enjoy the rest of 2007 because 2008 will smack ur ass before you know it. lol. XOXOx1000! luv ya! 😉


  • Kuuipo1207

    OMG! My jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out when I saw what your dad got for you!! Is he adopting??!! LOL! Super super awesome Christmas for yoU!! I know you must be excited to play with all that stuff! And the Coach bag is way too cute!!