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So I’m not into the Metal X shadows. I think they require too much work. That and my lids are waaaay too oily. I didn’t even want to purchase those jokas because I knew I’d have some issues. Thankfully, EnKore has posted a video to help some of you who are having some issues with Metal X. And I think it’s mad funny how die hard MAC users still use Urban Decay Primer Potion. Hehe…that’s funny. I’m the same way. Although UDPP has been actin’ crazy lately, for me.

Love this man. He’s great.

Also one of my new and favorite beauty bloggers,

Lani has some stuff up for sale. Stroll on over to her blog and see if you’re interested. She has a GREAT blog. I just love visiting because it’s so festive!

And you’re gonna die when see Francine’s beautiful birthday look. How skilled is she?! Amazing.

And a throwback pic for ya. Because I love me some throwbacks, mon!
Check me out at my first visit to MAC Pro in Orlando.

And me and the baby sisters helping me celebrate my surprise 21st birthday party that my then boyfriend held for me.

I’m about to be 23 on Jan 2nd! Nooooo! I’m getting old! 5 days ’til I go home to Floridaaaaaa. I can’t wait!!!!!!! What can’t you wait for? Tell me!

Peace and congrats to Saleisha!
Another Black woman as ANTM……ya’mon!
  • Stephie

    i was uber excited for saleisha :) i thought from the beginning that she would be the one to win :) her or the exotic dancer girl, forgot her name.

    anyways, the pro store looks like so much fun!

  • Lani

    aww thanks for mentioning me in your blog. seriously i am checking into your blog daily. :) i just put up my post about my stupid tute that i worked so hard on and in the end, it got all effed up. so i’m really irritated but i’m happier now that i’ve read your blog again lol. :) and yes, i use UDPP too but i just recently bought it for the first time and i actually love it. i still use bare canvas from time to time but UDPP gets kudos from moi! TTFN love!


  • yummy411

    grrr! i hate blogger sometimes.. great enkore vid. thanks for sharing.. i think i might have to pick up one of those shadows.. they are sooo pretty! i’ll use udpp as well and see what that does.

    udpp was irritating me for a while because it made my shadows super hard to blend. but today i wanted to use it and i used concealer over it. still the same staying power, but much easier to blend. yay!!!

    awwww!! look at you and your beautiful sisters. you all remind me of me and my 3 sisters.. (no brothers, you?)

  • Anonymous

    AWWWWW Look at the fam! I’d know Applebees silly lampshades anywhere. I wish I had sisters, I’m so glad I had two girls so we can be girly together LOL.

    I love your rambling so keep it coming!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Lol, you make me feel old cuz I’m 3 years older than you!! J/K.

    I’m so glad you posted EnKore’s video. I think these shadows are just a pain in the butt!! But I keep turning to them because I love them as a base. Can’t they be more user-friendly?! But I think you should save your money and not get them. There’s better alternatives.

    Oh, I wish there was a PRO store where I’m at… *sigh*

  • Vanessa

    Oh my gosh you gals are soooooooooo pretty! Runs in the family! haha you are so cute in front of the MAC Pro store when are we going shopping??? LOL.

  • Divine Blackness

    <>Stephie: Really? I didn’t even think she was going to win. I was Team Heather because that girl was flawless! I love PRO stores….so much fun!

    <>Lani: I am really proud of you and your tut. It came out realllly nice. Did you speed it up? See…you gotta teach me how to do that. I talk junk about UDPP but I use it all the damn time. LOL, I’m a mess.

    <>Yums: I seriously don’t know what is wrong with Blogger. It’s forever trippin’! I like Metal X too but I just know they won’t work. I love the concept of using concealer as a primer too. Ingenious!! We got alll girls. No hermanos!

    <>Shawnta: LOL, you can spot those Applebee’s lampshades anyyyywhere in America. So funny! I’m a big girly girl so it would be really funny if God blessed me with boys. HA!

    <>Mrs. Lynne: 3 years older? Awww, that’s nothing. I’m just jivin’. I know I’m not THAT old. We won’t be old until we’re 70. Seriously.

    <>Nessa: OMG, I would be honored to shop with a pro such as yourself! Heyyyyy!!!

  • MakeupByRenRen

    oh my gosh your hair looks gorgeous in your birthday pic with your friends, loving it!
    i’ve read your blog before but this is my first introduction. check me out when you have a chance http://www.makeupbyrenren.blogspot.com

  • Kuuipo1207

    Aww! I didn’t know that you mentioned me! Thanks hun!! I feel loved…and the need to check out my Google reader more often. I’ve gotten so far behind! Anyhoo, your family is beautiful! But then again, it’s not I expected them to be hideous or something since you’re so beautiful! :)