My Haul

So guess who decided to do a review of her most recent haul?

It ain’t nothin’ spectacular. Just 5 minutes of me rambling about what I got. The camera gets fuzzy….things go sideways. I got mascara clumpy stuff on my face but its all in good fun.

Oh…and I stumble over people’s names, go on tangents and am basically a hot mess.
So yeah….you’ve been warned. LOL!

Enjoy and lemme know what you think.

Peace and Hollywood Blvd.

  • Anonymous

    AWWWWWW I got a shot-out!!!!!! I so happy I do the dance of joy!!!
    There is a thread over at specktra that talks about WOC and chestnut lip liner. They say that MA or clients get stuck on the chestnut and won’t try anything else. LOL I know it was my first lip liner and I did put it with everything.
    The hello kitty is FABULOUS!! I’m trying to justify why I need to spend 35 on a hello kitty t-shirt I saw at CCO last week 😛

  • LovelyBella

    Aww Brit!! This is so great I think you should do video blogs all the time. I love your lip collection, and I love that Hello Kitty.

  • Vanessa

    hahaha you are sooo cute! i love your personality and I love the part where you said “vegetarian-ish, yet I had chicken taquitos last night” haha love it!

  • yummy411

    b! thanks so much for the shout out! i feel sooooooooo special! great video! it was nice meeting you past your writing. *big smiles over here*

    vanessa quoted you about being vegetarian-ish LOL now i’ll have to quote you about being on makeup probation.. does that mean you can only buy a certain number of items in a certain period of time or no makeup for a certain period of time LOL.. i’m on probation, but i bought… LOL.. i’m loving it and all of your fab discoveries!

    i also have an adopted mother from when i went away to college. such a blessing!

    great video again!

  • slvrlips

    Great Haul !!! I love, love the video post very cool & the lip colors are nice as well. Thanks for sharing

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    yay me! i gotta shout out! [lol] and yes you SURPRISINGLY pronounced it correctly…that is defenitely a first! i get alicia, alyssa, alisson (dont ask)….but yeah i hate that too but you got it right. Your are soooo gorgeous and I’m luvin the lips! The color is so pretty on u! Oh and I’ll update my blog soon and tell you about Stylistics…I wasn’t feelin it at all [which sux!]

    Good job and good haul…I think I want to try out that mascara, its BEEN time for me to upgrade my Maybelline Volume Express lol.


  • Afrodite

    BUMP IT UP!! I got a shout-out! Thanks!

    You use that Olay moisturizer too? Isn’t it the best?!?

    And thanks to your lip blog last week I had to run to the MAC store to pick up Bare Truth. I also picked up a new e/s: Parfait Amour. I havent played with it yet but it’s lovely and iridescent.

  • Mrs. Lynne

    Girl you are so cute. I love your personality!! You’re so good to have yourself on makeup probation. I officially violated my parole, lol.

    Keep up the good work sweetie. And now you have to teach us how to blend our lips :)