My internet access has been trippin’ for the past few days so I haven’t had the chance to do my beauty blog rounds or upate. Updates will be coming slower anyway since I’m heading home to Florida for the holidays. I’ll be hanging with my girls, fighting with the guy, loving my Mom and just realllly enjoying some familiarity.

I did another video. It’s a mess AGAIN. But that’s just me. HA! I’m doing a review of my most recent items…(check the pic below). I reviewed:

Olay’s Age Defying Eye gel
NYC’s Cherrywood lip gloss
MAC’s Prep-N-Prime
CoverGirl’s Last Blash.

I will probably type up an ACTUAL review later.

OH….and it’s official. I’m am discontining usage of all MAC face products; make-up wipes included. I’ll take some before pictures to see if it is in fact MAC products that got my face trippin’. And I will do some holistic/homeopathic remedies as well as detoxing and fasting. So hopefully by March 08, I’ll be back to my clear skin self without using foundations and powders.

Here’s the vid.

And I say, “Anyway…” waaaaaay too much. HA! Funny how you don’t notice annoying quirks about yourself until you SEE yourself.

Click the link below to visit the video.

Reviews, Session 1.

Peace y horchata. Me gustaaaaa.
  • reno-nooooo

    okay i see ya! well not really. the video still hans’t uploaded. whats goin on with you tube? anyway, i’ll come back and check it out. so i’m assuming you’ll be doing a tut one of these days? uh uh….do one of that pretty muted gold neutral look. please brit, please!

  • Lani

    aww girl the vid ain’t there yet. well i got done around 330 am trying, TRYING, to edit my damn video. but when i stopped it was 12 min going on 13. there’s still more. i’m thinking i should re-do it because i don’t want to bore anyone. i know other gals usuals are around 9-10min?

    oh and btw, i’ve NEVER used MAC skincare products. EVER. i don’t have anything to say about them and if they cause breakouts or whatnot but i just never though that MAC was known for skincare, but moreso for cosmetics. i just stick to my Papaya facial cleanser that I get from the drugstore here(Longs) i guess it’s like a walgreens. oh they just opened up a walgreens near my job-i gotta check it out. anyway yeah, no MAC skincare products for me. and on top of that, they cost an arm and a leg. and an ear. and a kneecap. lol.

    i LOVE your blog! 😉

  • Lani

    and btw girl, do u know how to cut-out unnecessary clips on move maker? like if i was taking 20 min just to blend and wanted to show only the first 10 seconds? lol.

  • Anonymous

    awwww I can’t see you! It’s so funny you are talking about an eye cream, cause just yesterday I was looking at the under eye area and thinking, damn I got wrinkles :( So I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for that review!

  • Mikaela

    Hey there, just thought I’d let you know those shoes also come in a wedge (I really want!). And I think I left you a message about the MAC skincare before, but good on you for leaving that behind. As much as I love their make-up, they should stick to what they do best. Cetaphil would possibly be a good choice right now, just gentle cleansing and moisturizing.

    Oh, and love the soft focous lips picture, very 70’s!

  • K.Victoria

    Oh darling, the video was great. I love all of the funky expressions and going off on tangents. It was great!! To be honest, I don’t know much about the products you were reviewing, but I do love the color duplicate in the NYC. I’ve always seen that brand in the store, but I’ve never purchased it. Uhm, the secret for the mascara was great.. I’m going to try that when I find my 2nd fav mascara.

    And sis, I don’t want to hear anything about not being a good teacher. We are going to be such divalicious teachers.

    Great post girl!!

  • Afrodite

    Haha, the video was cute! I think I still may go out and check out that Olay gel. Me likey!

    Dead @ Mac N’ Black!

  • Tracez of my Lipstick….

    i love your vids..keep on makin em girlie! I’m SO supposed to be doing work and yet here I am watchin you! I haven’t tried any of the NYC lip glosses (you know I love my drugstore brands), but I’m defenitely gonna go pick up a couple of them! Good job!

  • Anonymous

    “Your a healthy mascara”
    Girl you got me dying over here. Love the video!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    I love you my Divine!! Your personality is so contagious I can see us meeting and just having a blast together. You had me smiling throughout the video. Your students must have so much fun with you. Keep up the good work!!

    Btw, does the Olay Eye Gel smooth out your eye after application and feel kinda velvety or is it like a lotiony feel? Like my word, lotiony, lol!

  • Danyelle

    LOL, you are too funny, goin off on tangents and the strobe light effect had me rollin! I picked up a moisturizer by Aveeno called “Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer” and its really really good so far; its light with no residue or opaque shadow. Annnnd… I was so excited when I went to get my pedicure today because they had 12 different shades of ORLY. I been wanting to try it ever since I saw it on you. I got passion fruit????or sumthin, IDK, but more importantly, I like the way it looks on my toez, thanks!

  • yummy411

    lol.. how you cut yourself off? funny!

    i found too that while you may want to use two diff mascaras, you may find changing the brush to a certain mascara works as well! here’s to our quest for the perfect mascara!

    great vid brit! thanks for sharing! and stop explaining or apologizing for you being you… the light, the scarf, etc. =) it’s cute.. keep doing your thang miss!

  • actualMACgirl

    Hey! I wear Strobe cream and prep + prime everyday!!! Maybe it was just a look that you’re not used to cuz people always stop to compliment my skin, and I get many people to stop and get matched for a foundation because of it!! But you’re not the first “dark” skinned person to say they feel that way about the warm irridescence. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I just don’t want everyone to knock it before they try it! Thanks!