Hi lovely people!

I’ve been able to update like crazy because my teaching/volunteering time is coming to a close end. I am excited! But not really because I have to study for a Teaching Certification exam AND the GRE to get into grad school. YIKES! Yall, pray for me. Seriously. Check out the beautiful floral picture I took yesterday.

Isn’t that gorgeous? I’m showing you this now because what is next to come may scare you. I’ve decided to show you close up pictures of my skin. Now I’m not going to sit here and dog MAC Cosmetics out and make it seem that they are the reason my face is this way. It could be a number of things:
-LA smog
-Leaving the world of vegetarianism (I’ll be back)
-Weather changes
….so I don’t know. MAC’s face products/foundations may not be the monster. But the best way to find out is not stop using them and see how things change. Which is hard because my face looks just awful…..check it out.

Now it gets worse…

Is this not AWFUL?! Now follow the journey of a newbie as she tries to get her pretty skin back. :( I’m so devastated.

But yesterday the school’s faculty went out to The Cheesecake Factory. I thought I would be out of place being that I was the youngest non-Californian Black woman there but we all had a good time. As cultured as I like to thing of myself as being, it’s always strange when I’m the only “Black woman” anywhere. But when I realized that my Mexican and Central American co-teachers are just as loco as me and my friends, I was feeling goooood. I did a holiday-ish look.

I used:

Olay Complete Moisturizer

Bamboo paint
Vanilla pigment
L’Oreal Volumious Carbon
Blitz & Glitz Fluidline
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

Milani Brown liner
Fresh Brew lipstick
Bare Truth lip glass

….It was cute and festive. Pero, mi cara… spirits are really down because of my face. I think I may exchange my Chesnut lip pencil for a lipstick and then purchase one more. That sounds reasonable in price. And maybe I’ll feel a little bit better about myself.

Peace and Happy Weekend!

  • Lani

    hello!!! omg girl, my internet is effin up again. i couldn’t get on since last night. i had to approve my blog comments from my phone. poo! anyway, i’m happy that you were happy with my tutie! lol.

    girl, your skin ain’t even that bad. give it a rest. lol. i’ve seen much worse so don’t trip. :) love that holiday look!

    just wanted to send you some love. take care and have a fabulous weekend!


  • Anonymous

    AWWWW honey it’s not that bad like lani said. Well you know I’m on the mineral foundation hunt so just cause it’s MAC don’t mean it can’t be WHACK…for you.
    I know you will keep us posted on the no MAC routine.

  • Mrs. Lynne

    I have to agree D. I don’t think it looks bad at all. I actually just sprouted 2 nice ones smack in the middle of my forehead. I even tried to cover with concealer only for Hubbo to tell me, “Hi Pimples!”.. grrrr, lol. I’m starting to think the same though that it may be the foundation. Definitely considering mineral, just have NO IDEA where to start.

    Anyhow, cute holiday colors. And Mi’Lady is my MES whore. She gets most of the attention when I eye my colors, lol.

    Well, praying for you sister. Good luck on your exam. You’ll do great :)

  • Trecia

    I’m going to have to say your skin isn’t “awful” you don’t have any scaring by pimples like i do on mine… its like the left side of my face is “normal” when the right side is sick…

    I like that redish color… its so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes beautiful photography there with that flower. Girl I can’t wait till I get my camera. You would think I was the damn paparazzi!

  • nilla cookie

    Hey there! I gotta say, I’ve never been a fan of MAC face products (powders, foundations) but your skin doesn’t look bad at all! Just give it a little rest and see how it goes.

    Good luck on your studies, you’ll do great! :)

    Happy Monday!

  • yummy411

    beautiful photography on the flower!!!

    awww i’m sorry about the pimple sprouting every where. yeh, give your skin some rest and see how it does. many people say that their docs and derms say that MAC is the worst… drinking plenty of water? good luck! your holiday is is cute =)

  • Vanessa

    You look gorgeous no matter what! I love that look on you.

  • KreativeMix

    sorry about breakout……… drink lots of water :-) lovely flower.

  • Afrodite

    Ay dos mio! (Did I spell that right?!?)

    I swear you be channeling me in your beauty blogs becasue my skin has been on that bullshit!

    My entire forehead has broken out and I’ve given the heave-ho to my MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder =(

    I did by some pressed powder from Clinique but I’m gonna wait till my skin clears up before I start using it.

  • Lani

    you are right, we are MAC twins lol.

    seriously though i can’t wait for fafi. and me too, i don’t do well with pastels. pastels just come out all chalky on me, ugh.
    i swear that collection will hurt my wallet so bad. but i think i could starve. so long as my son has formula and water to last til my following pay day LOL.

    anyway, i’m waitin for an update and hope you’re not still trippin over your skin. foreal it’s not that bad! now let’s get some more FOTDs up in here! =)


  • Anonymous

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