The Originals and then some…

I’m so behind on updating so I may be rushing things but I think yall can keep up.

One of my blog sisters, Yummy discussed Google Reader in her most recent blog. Do yourself a favor and check it out! It’s amaaaazing. I can now know when each and every one of you lovely ladies makes an update without spending 30 years going to each blog space. I just go to my Google Reader and BAM….I can see who made updates. It even works fab on my Sidekick (which will hopefully turn into a Blackberry Curve on Christmas Day). Good lookin’ out, Yums!

Here are what those pretty lip sticks look like. [ahem and how do yall get the titles and words on your pictures? Lemme guess….Photoshop, uh? I’ll invest in that when I get on that steady salary. Hehe.]

*left to right* [Milani’s Sumptuous and MAC’s 3D and Viva Glam IV]

And then here’s the bitty haul I got from The Originals Collection. Ochre Style on the left, A Little Folie on the right.

I was NOT a fan of that Parrot. I can’t believe people were goin’ crazy over a color that looks so close to MAC’s Shimmermoss and Waternymph (from the Lure collection). It’s so not worth the hype.

I like A Little Folie for a crease color. And even for a lid color if I can get it to work right. I have issues with some mattes. I like Ochre Style because it is a muted gold and isn’t as loud as that damn Amberlights. However, it’s color payoff isn’t too hot so I have to get a super good base for this to pop. But if they don’t work out, I will not hesitate to return them. HA!

Don’t understand that hype over C-Thru either because it looked a hot mess on me. Hmmm…this collection was just “Eh” for me. The last collection that seriously wow-ed me all over was Smoke Signals and that was in August, I believe. But I do believe that the Fafi collection will have me jumpin’ for joy!!!!!!! Who else is excited about this beauuuutiful collection?

Here is how I’m lookin’ these days. Face is looking a little better but I’m getting insecure with the dark spots. I only wear eye liner, mascara and a lip color everyday. Tis all. And heyyyy….look who got a new scarf! Have I mentioned how much I love scarves?

And I played around with Sushi Flower (I’m sorry but I hate HATE this color, I can’t ever get it to work), Humid and Shimmermoss. Something didn’t come out right because the color payoff so didn’t last. But then again, I was just playin’ around.

And ohhh, I got my nails done and isn’t this color pretty?

I’m happy happy. Why can’t my nails look this good when I do it? Ugghhh.. Yall like my faux wedding hand picture, uh? I even got the wedding ring. LOL, I’m a mess.

Peace and Louis Vuitton (I just found my first one!)

  • K.Victoria

    Girl.. isn’t google reader great. I have updates pop up on my screen. But, the lip colors look really nice. I hardly ever wear anything on my lips. I need to change that ASAP. I went on a Drug Store raid today. I don’t even know what I bought!?!?! I’m going to have to go through it tonight!
    Be well.

  • shel

    Sugar plum, I saw your sisters in the mall earlier today? they have grown up! or are we old? chiiiile….i think you are so pretty. your skin looks 10x better than mine. i haven’t gone without foundation since middle school. i’ve got fuguly acne scars. and your nails are cute too, so nice.

    i hope to see u before u jet back to california.

  • Anonymous

    I’m also loving the google reader, it makes everything so much easier. I’m feeling you on that parrot color, MAC has so many damn blues how many do you really need!
    Work that scarf girl!

  • yummy411

    girllllll, i’m so feeling you on parrot. i skipped it today too. i was looking and deciding really hard because that’s what i initially had my heart set on. oh well! i’ll do my review in a bit.

    i see we are all fans of google reader.. yay!!

  • Girl Meets Makeup

    First time commenting! :) But anyway, show Parrot some love! It’s a pretty “out there” color and there’s been lots of dupes, but it’s just so purtty. 😉 But I probably won’t use any of mine that much, ha. I like the look of A Little Folie – that’s the one that I was thinking about picking up.

    As for the text on pictures, I do use Photoshop, but you can do it just as easily in Paint. :)

  • Afrodite

    I was just about to say something about that ring!! My friend wears one and I think I need to get one too. To keep the riff-raff away, y’know?

    I love that lip color in the 4the picture and your hair is too fierce! What did you do to it. I love it!

  • Mrs. Lynne

    I heart google reader. It’s now my new bff. I really like Ochre Style. Reminds me of my Gorgeous Gold but less shimmer and a deeper burnt gold to it. Looking forward to your FOTD with these. And I can’t wait to get my paws on the Fafi palette! Oh yah!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Holidays honey! Hope you are having a fabulous time!

  • MakeupByRenRen

    your hair looks great in these pics, love it!