Bloggin’ Sistas and Bold Eye

I love blogging. It’s therapy and a lifestyle. Rantings of a Rebella and Clumps of Mascara have truly saved my sanity. I have 2 different sets of bloggin’ families and it just makes my day when I see a new comment or a new post sittin’ in the Google Reader. Today, I am happy to announce the unvealing of The Daily Cookie’s Facelift! My blog sista, Lilan and her web designers have done a fab job with the new site! Congrats, Lil! And the cookie theme just has me salivating all over the place. Munch your way over to The Daily Cookie.

Great things are happening all over the make-up world and in blogspace. You’ve got anticipation for Fafi thickening, Fashion Week in NYC, L’Oreal has everyone buzzin’…..I just can’t take it! Ah!

——–> MAKE-UP!

(one day I’ll buy Photoshop! LOL!)

Newbies, I have not forgotten about you. A Newbie Post is coming soon. Keep emailing me your suggesions. I’m lovin’ it! I have decided to familiarize myself more with the presdential election. So until I do that, I have to limit my make-up talk. Just last night I spent 2 hours at trying to understand which candidate has the best lies, I mean platforms. Hehe, and I’m always tabbing in at on the cell. Gotta know what’s goin’ on because it’s going to affect us all in some way.

Okay, no posts this weekend because I’ve got some packing and studying to do. But before I go, check it… school is having Catholic School Week next week and Monday is “spirit day”. You have to dress up in school colors. So, of course that gave me the idea to do a bold eye look; something I haven’t done in forever! So here’s what I came up with using Bright Sunshine e/s and Navy Blue pigment from MAC.

I don’t have on any face make-up. Eek! Ah well…should I recreate this? I’m on the fence about this one. I had to bring in Wondergrass e/s to help me blend but I just don’t think I like these colors on me. And I couldn’t bring the color too far up on the lid because then I’d look clown-ish. Suggestions? Anyone? Hmm…. Have a happy weekend, my loves!

Peace & Newbie Pride!

Oh, here’s the Clumps of Mascara banner! Ohhhh, my skills.
I’m a newbie in that area too. Clearly!

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  • Mrs. Lynne

    I love Lilan’s new layout also! It is scrumptious.

    And the start of the new year is already intense with anticipation. Oy! What are we going to do girl?!

    Anyhow, enjoy your Friday girl :)

  • Talysha

    I love your bold eye look! It’s F.I.E.R.C.E.! However, I would go with a warmer shade of yellow simply cuz I think it would bring out your eyes and skin more. But that’s just my opinion. Fab blog, hun. Keep it up! P.S. Please send any tips and tricks to me at, I’m slowly tryin my hand at the makeup game too. =)

  • Izar

    Just what Talysha said: go with a warmer shade of yellow. I think this is exactly the kind of look that would look less than pleasant on a light-skinned girl like me, but you can pull it off perfectly.

    About ‘noob': does it really sound strange to you? I assume you don’t use this word then. I’ve already got used to it as you can probably tell: I “hear” it so much on DeviantART that it doesn’t strike me as something new anymore. But I do agree it sounds funny. 😀 That’s why I love the English language (esp. the American version): there are so many interesting words and the slang dictionary is practically a treasure chest. 😀

  • Afrodite

    Not really feeling the yellow. I have a similar shade, one of L’Oreal’s HIP Pigments in Riotous and the color looks like a yellow/green but on me it just looks bright-ass yellow. I only use it if I’m going for an over-the-top bold look, with that said, the blue/green color is very pretty on you.

  • yummy411

    great look and use of the navy blue!

  • Divine Blackness

    Thanks for the suggestions, loves. I didn’t end up wearing the look. I ended up waking up late and didn’t even have time! HA! But I do think that a warmer yellow would have been better. Golden Lemon pigment, maybe? Hmmm….I’ll play around with yellows some other time.

    Talysha, thanks for stoppin’ byyyyy!!

    And Izar, I looooove noob!